Back to School

Mikkel and I both signed up for Spanish classes today. We’ll be taking private lessons separately since Mikkel is a beginner and I know some Spanish; an hour, 3 times a week at first. Ingrid, the owner of Buena Vida Language School, is from South Dakota and opened this school here in Pedasi a few READ MORE

Our First week in Pedasi

Friday, August 9th, we are finally going to Pedasi. Luis was right on time, no surprise. He first drove us to the driver’s license bureau, located in the Canal Zone, where Luis walked us through to finish getting our Panamanian driver’s license. Well, at least I got mine. Mikkel is over 70, and must have READ MORE

Our First Week in Panama

I am changing this blog a little to use the personal pronoun, “I”, since it is really me, Connie, who has been writing this all along. We started off where it was both of us who would write, but it has turned out to be just me, and Mikkel is fine with that. Anyway, on READ MORE

The last month

So July has arrived, one month before we leave for Panama. Much still to do. Connie has no job now, so more time to do things. Our cars are sold and we have a rental car now. We even got $50 off for being a Gold member with Hertz and a free tank of gas. READ MORE

Getting ready

We decided that we would move to Pedasi August 1st, after Connie’s family reunion in Lake Tahoe late July. (Yes, I know. This has been posted afterwards, but I am trying to catch up first with a few postings of how we got here, and then start blogging about our daily life.) Knowing that there READ MORE

2nd Trip

So now we are back home in Auburn, California and life as we have known it returns. Connie continues her work as a parenting teacher and child behavior counselor. Mikkel, although semi-retired, works part-time with a commercial real estate company in marketing & research. But one other thing has been added to our busy lives: READ MORE