February Fiestas & Fun

I was meaning to post another blog or two before now, but time seems to get away. Lots of things happened in February and then we took a trip the beginning of March (more about that in another posting). So I am looking at my photos for the month of February and decided to post with short comments. There are so many things that one can do here in Pedasí if you wish; or just relaxing at home or the beach is always a great option.

The month started off with the Super Bowl. Although many went to view it at Smiley’s, we were invited by some friends to a smaller party at La Jolla (Andromeda) Beach Club. Mikkel prefers smaller gatherings because of his PTSD (from his service in Vietnam). And being from Northern California, the obvious team we rooted for was the Forty-niners. They lost but it was still a great game.

The next weekend was the “Barro Fest”. This festival celebrates the folk tradition of building a house out of mud. Some homes are still around Pedasí areas that have been built with mud, wooden poles, and grass. The first night was held in the TownSquare with many booths selling food and craft items; and of course live music played by many bands. The other two days were held just outside Pedasí where they actually make the mud house. You must buy a ticket for that event, but it includes food, drinks, and live music. We did not attend on those days, but I am posting a few photos from someone who did.

First Day & Night in Townsquare

The Remaining Weekend-Building the Mud House

Mikkel and I decided to take a mosaic tile class. Mikkel made a turtle, cutting the tiles with a water saw into small pieces. I made a starfish using hand tools to score and break the tiles. We will be going back in another week to finish our stepping stones. We both enjoyed this class so much that we signed up for another class in the future.

And then there was Carnivale-5 days & nights of Partying. I went the first day to help Animal Advocates sell their fundraising merchandise, and the last night to dance in the Pollera Parade.

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The following day after Carnival ended, I joined some friends for a Cacao/Chocolate tour located in the small village of Las Minas, about a 2-hour drive in the hills of the Azuero outside of Chitre. Our tour guide Charles Martin met us in town and led us to where chocolate is made from local cacao trees. He was a Peace Corp volunteer who returned to Las Misas after his assignment to help continue the cocao/chocolate small business for the people of the village. Lots of great information and I, of course, bought lots of chocolate along with making my own.

After lunch our guide took us to a local farm that grows vanilla. Many vanilla orchids throughout the farm will turn into the bean pods soon.




































Well, that seems to wrap up a very busy February. There were actually plenty of other activities this past month: a monthly Bunko group for women was started; Mikkel attends “The Gentleman’s Club”, a men’s group that meets every Sunday morning at Smiley’s for breakfast; had a wonderful Valentine’s dinner at Segreto’s, a local Italian restaurant; and went to a new restaurant with friends that just opened up called “Transylvania” (owner is from Romania originally), and the fish is delicious. There are so many good restaurants with good chefs in Pedasi for such a small village. Of course , walks on the beach and enjoying live music at Smiley’s are normal activities for us. Oh yeah, Mikkel went to Florida for 2 nights in the middle of all this; he needed to see a specific doctor in the U.S. for his VA disability claim. Anyway that’s all for now and it is almost the middle of March already. How time flies while living our third life in Pedasí.

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