Summer Breeze; Makes Me Feel Fine….

(Best view at Summer (dry season) has arrived finally. Bright blue skies and calm breezes throughout Pedasí. The weather in January I would describe as transitional. There have been days that been what we called in Southern California “June Gloom” – grey overcast skies, looked like it would rain. It did sprinkle occasionally depending on where you were. Even some places such as David where it usually is hot and sunny during dry season, it poured. But the last few days in Pedasí shows signs that summer is definitely here for good until May or June. I like this part of this season because of the breezes. Around the end of March into April and May the breezes stop and then it can get very hot; that’s when most of us wish the wet season would return quickly. Dry season has its drawbacks: I have to start watering the garden again a few times per week; the ocean is very choppy with high waves, not great for swimming or fishing; more dust on the floors and furniture due to the breezes; and the countryside turns brown. Nevertheless, today is a beautiful day and I am grateful for another day here in this town to enjoy.

So what has life here been like this past month besides enjoying the weather? Busy as usual with many activities.

A few mornings we have taken walks with the dogs on the beach. Chavo is getting used to running through the water and Bella is now staying near us as we walk along the beach looking for treasures and not taking off into the mangroves



There are many musical groups that have formed in the past year are so who play at various locations throughout Pedasí and Playa Venao. One of them, “The Beach Bums”, usually play in Playa Venao. The guitarist/singer, Randy, is a U.S. engineer who early retired to Panama and is building a Wellness Center. The woman singer, Ana, is a surfer from Russia on the Russian Olympic Surfing Team. This past year the road to Playa Venao has been full of many potholes, making it very difficult to travel the 34 kilometers to and another 34 back to Pedasí with our small Yaris Hatchback, especially at night. But sometimes “The Beach Bums” come to Pedasí. So then we come out to enjoy an evening of music with them. This time they were playing at La Jolla Bar & Restaurant, formerly the Andromeda or Las Brisas Beach Club. We were not disappointed as we are not with any local music group we have had the pleasure to hear at other venues. Click on link for video:

Every January the “Desfile de Mil Polleras” (Parade of 1000+ Polleras) is held in Las Tablas. We had missed last year’s parade, but this year we  invited my friend Sue, who had not seen it yet, to join us. We went early with chairs so we can get a good spot to view on the shady side of the street, but close to the end of the parade so we can get a quicker get-away. Coming early also gives us time to walk around; there was an artisan market at the end of the parade that both Sue and I always enjoy to walk through and purchase a few items. You might recall the Pollera is the traditional Panamanian dress (full skirt and blouse plus hairpiece (Tembleques or flowers) and/or Panamanian hat. Men & women participants with costumes dance through the street with various groups or on floats accompanied by live musicians or recorded amplified music. This year seemed to have some different costumes.

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I am still involved with Animal Advocates of Pedasí and helped at our monthly clinic in January making dog tags for all the dogs using “Shrinky Dink” materials. We cut out a bone shape from clear plastic sheets, write the name of the dog and the owner’s phone number with permanent markers, punch a hole on top, then put it in the toaster oven. It shrinks down in about 2 minutes; we put a ring through the hole and “Wa-la”, you have a dog tag. We also take a photo of the dog and register it. In case the dog is wandering, lost or hurt, we can look up on the registry to help locate the owner.  There is no dog licensing or municipal animal control department in Panama. So this is our way of helping the local dog owners.

La Jolla Beach Club

Animal Advocates also had their annual Gala. This year it was called “It’s a Paw-tay” and held at the La Jolla Beach Club. Everyone had a great time. All proceeds from raffles, silent auctions, and ticket sales go toward Animal Advocates of Pedasí to help for the cost of the spay & neuter clinics.




The road to Playa Venao has been recently semi-repaired. Potholes have been patched and many parts of the road have be grated down to the dirt and rock but not blacktopped. We were invited to our friend Randy’s 60th birthday party at his home in El Ciruelo, 7.5 miles before Playa Venao. So we decided to venture out on the road. It wasn’t too bad even for our Yaris. We have visited Randy’s home before and love the view. Randy had even built a small stage for a band to play music. Had a great time as usual.

Well, January was pretty busy as I had written above. I forgot to include that we spent a day driving first to Chame for a doctor’s checkup for both of us, and then overnight in Panama City for lab tests. I hadn’t had a complete physical since I moved to Pedasí. So I went to Mikkel’s doctor in Chame who has been treating his diabetes with natural herbs plus prescriptions. He has lost 30+ pounds in the past year and is off or has lower doses on some of his prescriptions he was prescribed previously in the U.S. My checkup was the most thorough one I have ever had and the doctor spent an hour and a half with me for $24  and a full set of lab tests from a private lab cost $64.  The lab tests show my cholesterol is up, but the doctor said I just need to eat less fats and more fiber for now. She prescribed a natural supplement that will help with anxiety I have been experiencing since my son’s death. Everything else is fine, thank God.

Time to stop writing for now. We’ll probably go swimming in our neighbor’s new pool this afternoon. Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday. We were invited to a private party at the La Jolla Beach club and chose to go there this year instead of Smiley’s where there will be a big open party as well. We haven’t watched NFL football all year, but since the 49r’s are playing – no need to say anything more.

P.S. By the time I finished writing and editing this blog, I went outside to find that the grey clouds had returned this afternoon, but no rain. Still nice gentle breezes. Guess the clear blue skies come aren’t all day long yet. Well, we’re off to the beach with the dogs.

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