Hats Off to Animals Fiesta (Reposted from 3/12/15)

Last Monday Animal Advocates of Pedasí, an organization both Mikkel and I are members of, hosted a party  to raise funds to subsidize the upcoming spay/neuter clinic that is finally coming to Pedasí April 13th. This The fiesta was called “Hats off the Animals” and everyone was to wear a hat. A local B&B hostal in Pedasí donated use of their facility and one of the core members cooked delicious tapas along with two others who baked desserts. This was a ticketed event in addition to selling tickets for 12 raffles. About 40-50 people attended and everyone had a great time. Another successful fundraiser that brought in over $1000, this 2nd annual event raised almost twice as much as last year (Tapas at Sunset) which was at a villa in Los Destiladeros. People are already talking about next year. In the meantime we are planning for the clinic and then the 2nd bi-annual “Plaza de Mercado” on April 18th. Its has been a busy month and will continue to be through April, but its a worthy cause to be busy for, helping the pets and their owners to have a good life together here in the Pedasí district.

Our photograher didn’t show, so I tried to take some pictures with my iPhone while having too much fun. Hope you enjoy the slideshow.

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