5 Years

Sometimes its hard to get back to writing again, but when I do it, I enjoy it.  I have 4 more months missing from the Archives that I trying to recreate and repost. And then I will slowly update those past postings that are missing some photos. It’s a tedious frustrating job at times. But reviewing these past 5 years of postings brings back a lot of wonderful memories.

Yes it has been 5 years as of August 1st, 2013 that we permanently moved to Panama; August 9th marked our 5th anniversary of moving to Pedasi. We don’t plan to move anywhere else in the near future although God could have other plans. We certainly don’t plan on moving back the California or anywhere in the U.S. There have been a lot of adventures, challenges, changes, travels, new friends made, laughter, celebrations, tears, emotional ups & downs,   happy times, & “tranquilo”. And I expect the much more of the same in the future. But there are no regrets and I love our third life in Pedasí. As I have written before, this is home now.

So take time to look back at our last 5 years if you please as I am doing while rebuilding my website. It might inspire you to come visit us, or just enjoy your own journey in life. I will soon be sharing more thoughts and new adventures.

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