Migrating to a New Host is a Nightmare!


I will make this explanation short.  Mikkel decided to change hosting servers for our websites. The renewal for our former host was coming up and was going to cost over $250 for the year. Mikkel found and paid for Lifetime.hosting which only costs about $50 forever, no annual fees. Problem is, I was not very experienced in migrating to another host. When I researched and did try, I lost a lot of data, pictures, etc.  After trying my best to fix it, I finally found someone locally to come to the house and got the sites back up. They had been down for a few months.

Anyway, www.expatimports.com was first back on line and then finally after a lot of hair pulling and sleepless nights, my computer genius finally got this site up. But there are still many things I have to work on: duplication of posts, missing posts and photos, etc. This is a work in progress. Some of the missing posts I am just reposting from an old WordPress site (more to come). The photos will take awhile to find in my archives.

One thing good is that I am able to refresh this site with a new theme and style, as you can see. Hopefully I will be able to post more frequently with new things soon. Thanks for your patience.


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