Catch-up Highlights of August – October

Well, it’s been another 4 months since my last post. Life in Pedasí is just that-our life now. Yes, there have been some changes, some more adventures, some challenges. But as anywhere we would live, our life has become familiar; Pedasí is our home. We have settled in and are enjoying our third life. Some days I have to remind myself what day it is and do I have anything planned for this day. When I don’t have anything planned, it seems the day goes by with things to do or people to visit. So I am not bored and keep busy, even if it is just playing a game on the computer or watching a movie on Netflix. My third life in Pedasí is good.
I may have lost some followers of my blog along the way for not having written anything for so long. For those who have hung in there or are new, I thought I would just catch you up with photos and events in our life for the past 4 months. I realized after looking at all my photos, that we have definitely been busy and decided to only write about August through October. A Catch-up for November through December will come after the New Year. We certainly did not just sit on the veranda all day, although I still enjoy doing that.


Rented a car and took a week-long business trip to Santa Catalina, Volcán, Cerra Punta, & Boquete. I had never been to Santa Catalina (Mikkel has), which is known for surfing and diving. Coiba, which used to be a penal island, is where many go to dive and snorkel. The day we planned to go snorkeling, a huge storm came in and we opted out. But we did explore the surfing beach and enjoyed watching the storm’s full force while having lunch at the Santa Catalina Inn which overlooked ocean. The beaches never get old for me, rain or shine.

SURFING BEACH IN SANTA CATALINA. The tide was out. Had to walk across a river and about 1/2 kilometer out to the water.
The sun was out in the morning but there was a pending storm coming from behind us.
Watched the storm come in while having lunch.

After 2 days in Santa Catalina, we drove to Volcån, stayed with our friend Amanda for 3 days and visited the Jenson’s Coffee Farm again.

Having coffee at Jenson’s Coffee Farm with scenic Volcano Barú in the background.


One day we drove up to Cerro Punta (another place in Panama we had never been before), altitude about 6500 ft. and considered as the Vegetable and Fruit Center of Panama. We bought fresh strawberries and jam. As you can see, we needed a jacket for the cooler weather.


The last 2 days, we stayed in Boquete. We had a private tour of a coffee farm which included the “cupping” of 4 different coffee beans.

We also went to the Boquete Brew Co. one evening to surprise our friends who live in David. Their band was playing there that night.


Started the month off going on a whale watching trip with the “Free Spirits”, a newly-formed women’s group in Pedasí. We saw lots of whales, sea turtles, and even a devil ray. Spent a few hours having lunch, sunbathing, and snorkeling at Isla Iguana. Best day ever!

The “Free Spirits” met again a few weeks later at for lunch at “Pangas” in Playa Venao.


Mikkel had scheduled his annual physical & other doctor appointments with the Palo Alto VA Medical Facility. After realizing I had enough airline miles with Copa Airlines for a round trip ticket, we both flew to San Francisco, California. The first week we stayed at an Airbnb in San Jose while visiting Mikkel’s daughter Michelle, son-in-law Derek, and our 3 grandchildren. I took advantage of some free time to renew my California Driver’s License and visit the Apple Store in Palo Alto to get a new battery for my iPhone and have my Mac mini computer fixed which crashed while downloading a new update. Mikkel & I drove over to Santa Cruz Boardwalk one day and walked from one end to the other enjoying the warm sun. (I will say again; I will never get enough of the beach no matter where it is.)

We also had a fun time at the surprise 40th birthday party for Derek. On Sunday, we drove to Auburn and attended our former church, surprising our past friends with our presence since we didn’t tell anyone we were coming. Sorry we missed some. Then the next day we went with the family to Big Basin Redwood Forest in the Santa Cruz mountains (I hadn’t been there for a long time and never with Mikkel).

The next day I flew to Tucson, Arizona to visit my daughter Becky, son Ben, and sister Geri and families, leaving Mikkel behind for all of his doctor appointments. He stayed at the Defenders’ Lodge at the Palo Alto VA Medical Offices for the next week and continued to visit our grandchildren in San Jose in between appointments. When I got to Tucson, I received a call from Mikkel that he had my suitcase and I had his. Do you know what that means? SHOPPING!!!!!!. It was the best time of year for Summer Clearance.

Day trip to Mt. Lemmon with daughter Becky & grandson Elijah

Dinner at a my favorite Mexican restaurant.


Went to a football game: University of Arizona vs. UCLA


Visited my sister and niece in Glendale, Arizona


Visited Grandson’s school before saying Goodbye.


I flew to Los Angeles, visited more friends and family for a day and then returned to Panama where I met up with Mikkel who flew back from San Francisco. Mikkel shared that he had a clean bill of health and we both enjoyed totally enjoyed our visit this year to the U.S.

October finished with the annual Halloween Party at Smiley’s.

I believe that’s it for now. There are so many more pictures I could share and another event in Pedasi during October, but this blog is probably way to long. November and December, including Thanksgiving and Christmas activities, to come hopefully by the beginning of the new year. I have been busy and the next few days are no exception.


5 thoughts on “Catch-up Highlights of August – October

  1. McMoller says:

    Hola Kathy, Nice to hear from you & hope you had a Merry Christmas.
    In regards to sheep, unfortunately the woman I met in Santa Fe recently past away due to the return of a fast growing cancer. I only came across this sad news from a yahoo forum. I am not sure what her husband is doing now as I have no contact information for him, only her email which no longer exists. And I really don’t know anyone else who raise sheep in Panama.
    Also, there are only 3-4 churches in Pedasí- 1 Catholic, 1 Pentecostal, 1 Baptist, none of which have English services or even translate in English anymore. We used to attend the Baptist church, but it was hit and miss with a translator. About 2 years ago Mikkel & I hosted a church on our front veranda, planted by a pastor from Hosanna Church in Panama City. We had up to 50 people attending with both Spanish and English. But the pastor suddenly left and no pastor came to in place of the one who supposedly was transferred. Still praying about that. We have occasionally attended churches in Panama City when we are visiting the city and even found a great church in Volcán with English services or translators, but Pedasí is too far away to attend regularly. And we love living here. So presently we watch the live service of our former church in Auburn, California on YouTube.
    I am sorry I could not be of more help to you. Thanks for contacting me and hope you find what you are looking for. Connie

  2. discoverpanamavista says:

    Hi, I am new to blogging. I found your site through Kris’s blog, from David. I have been reading your blogs, very interesting. We also love Panama and live in Altos de Campana, quite a ways from pedasi. One reason I am contacting you, is because on one of your blogs you shared some information about someone having sheep for meat and also to keep the grass down. I am very interested in hearing a bit more about that. Mainly because our whole back yard is one big steep hill downwards, with a few plateaus. And so steep that you cannot lawnmow, and we cannot whipper snip either because just main walking is a real challenge. The upside is we have great view, but that still does not solve our problem. We try to get grasscutters but that is a hit n miss operation, especially since we are not loaded with cash!, (poor cdns, lol.). I have often thot of borrowing my neighbours goats, but I hear they eat everything, and I have a few
    young trees planted in that area that are supposed to eventually offer some shade. The whole yard is about 1000 sq. meters, but for the goats/sheep would be about 600. If you would beable to put me in touch with people other have experience with animals, such as these that would be suitable I would much appreciate it.
    Also is there a good church in Pedasi, english speaking you can attend? Because we are close enough we drive to PC on specials occasions where there is a good selection.
    Love your blogs,
    kathy parsons

  3. Barb Weudemann says:

    Looks like you had a wonderful time. Loved seeing pictures of Becky’s family. How is Kathryn doing ?? Merry Christmas, my friend. God bless you.

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