Wet Season Has Arrived Early-Maybe?

A couple of weeks ago, I woke up about 2am and heard that it was raining. Odd for this time of year, but a welcome sign that maybe wet season was coming early. We had heard from others that they had experienced some rain in nearby towns such as Las Tablas and Chitré recently, but this was the first time we this year for Pedasí. The rain stopped by about 6-7am that morning and eventually the sun came out. Since then I remember it may have sprinkled here one day for about 15 minutes, but nothing to get excited about. Pedasí continued to remain dry as did most of the Azuero Penisula. The only need for an umbrella was to block out the UV rays of the sun that was reported to be “extreme” for several days in the past weeks.
Yesterday we woke up to find it to be overcast, giving us a little hope for possible rain as predicted by the weather report. Everyone I had seen or spoken to in town were complaining that it had been very hot and humid the last few days even for April which is typically the hottest month of the year anyway. We were wishing for some of that rain that had been pouring down in Boquete and David lately to come in this direction. But to our disappointment, not even a drop.

Well, I think the clouds were just preparing us for what was to come this morning. I woke up hearing thunder in the distance. And soon after it started to rain. The thunder continued to get louder accompanied by flashes of lightening. The clouds opened up and barrels of water fell from them. Bella who is afraid of the thunder and lightening started pacing and hiding under the table; eventually she crawled back on her bed in our room curled up to wait out the storm. All our cats except one have taken shelter on our patio or in the house; it is unusual to see Priscilla and Nieve during the day accept around feeding time. This has become a real thunderstorm which is very unusual for April; the dry season typically does not start until the end of May or sometime in June.

So maybe the rainy season has come early this year. The fields, trees, and yards will be much greener. (Don’t have to water our garden other than the potted plants and hanging ferns on our patios.)  Of course it means more insects to contend with, but I have a good supply of Skin-so-Soft Bug Guard on hand. Clothes I hang dry will have to hang from a rope under the patio and will take longer to dry. But the sound of rain on the roof and streets can sometimes be comforting. It is certainly a lot cooler than it was a couple of days ago. The weather report calls for sunny days again for the next 2-3 days, but rain is to follow possibly. And forecasts can always change. We’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, we are enjoying this early rain.

4 thoughts on “Wet Season Has Arrived Early-Maybe?

  1. Hugo Ernst says:

    You won’t go wrong with Luis…..except If you decide to have him give you a tour of Panama City, tell him at the beginning how many hours you want…he knows so much he will drive forever…..

  2. McMoller says:

    We recently purchased 2 UPCs to backup our computers, modems, and tv. Before and now we still have specific surge protectors for everything including one for each appliance: air conditioners, refrigerator, freezer, microwave, etc. in other words, everything should be protected. Lots of power surges and outages, but so far in 3.5 years, only one protector went out and yet saved the freezer. A whole home surge protector would probably be good. Glad you contacted Luis.

  3. Hugo Ernst says:

    Happy for you, we also are having rain this week, about 5 days in a row, so it’s keeping the farmers out of the field, as they were planting their corn fields. One difference is two of the day’s our rain came imixed with white snow…….but only for about a hour.
    When we were down there, I saw corn fields out by the Pedasi Airport, wonder when they plant their corn, must be around May or June.

  4. Yvonne Michaud says:

    Coming at the end of July, does it rain from now until December? Love the sound of rain, very comforting. I’ll pack my umbrella. Heard that August to November were worst. Do you have any TVs or electonics? Do we need a whole home surge protector to keep them safe? Just wondering, Linda. I contacted Luis and he seems to be the guy we need, thanks for all your help. Linda and Paul Michaud

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