Cherishing the Moments

Neither Mikkel nor I have ever regretted our decision to move and permanently live in Pedasí. But there are times when I especially miss my family. Although we have MagicJack, Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, & email to communicate with each other, it is still not the same as seeing each one in person. Our children are grown with families and jobs of their own. Even when we lived in California, we may have not seen them as much as we would like due to everyone’s busy schedules. But it was easier to jump in the car and meet up with them for holidays, special occasions, or just to visit. Now it takes a lot of planning and budgeting of time and money. When making the decision to move here, we knew that leaving our family & friends would be a challenge we would have to face at times, especially during holidays or special events. But for us, God opened all the doors to our desire to live a richer “third life”, so we accepted the challenge.
Today would have been my Dad’s 97th birthday. I am so glad we got to celebrate Dad’s birthday at the USS Midway in San Diego 7 years ago. Although he could no longer express it verbally due to the results of some mini strokes he preciously had, his smile expressed how happy he was then. Who knew we would only have a few more months with him, and only 5 more years with my sister Debi. Happy Birthday Dad! Miss you both, but take comfort in knowing you are even more happy now.

Dad’s 90th birthday with my sister Geri, his wife Ailene, my sister Debi, Mikkel, and Debi’s husband Carl.

I share this to remind myself, my family, and friends to cherish the times you do have with those you love. You can’t change the past, but you can make some good memories to keep for the future while there is still time.

3 thoughts on “Cherishing the Moments

  1. Kathy says:

    Muchas Gracias for taking the time with my question and for your interesting blog. I suspected that might be the situation with the road. Your answer has been very helpful and time saving not to mention helping us to avoid unknown risks and problems. Looking forward to our Panama trip.

  2. McMoller says:

    Hola Kathy & Bievenida, Your question is a good one. Going beyond Pedasi, past Playa Venao, you will encounter many large potholes. And from Cañas to Tonosi, its unpaved. The road then from Tonosi to Macaracas is nice, but I do not know what the road is like from there to Santiago. It would take you about 4.5 hours going that way. Also be aware there may not be signs to direct you and if you are relying on GPS or WAZE app, the cell signal may not always be available in the area. Most of us who live in Pedasí, or even in Playa Venao area, just back-track through Las Tablas & Chitré to Divisa where the road meets up with the PanAmerican Hwy to Santiago and beyond to Chiriquí. The roads are paved with few potholes and it only takes about 2.25 hours from Pedasí to Santiago. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Kathy says:

    Just found your blog. Heard your interview with Dan Prescher. We are scheduled for a Panama scouting trip in March and are booked into La Rosa De Los Vientos for the nights of March 12 and 13. We hope to do the trip to Isla Iguana March 13. My question is about the routing from Pedasi on March 14 to Santiago to continue our journey to Chiriqui Province. I see we can back track through Chitre and Las Tablas. The internet road map I’ve found also shows an equal road continuing on from Pedasi on Hwy 2 through Los Asientos, Las Escobar del Venado, Guerita, Macaracas, Las Minas, Ocu and joining Highway 1W from Highway 50.Is it really an adequate road? Do you know what the driving time is compared to back tracking through Las Tablas? Thanks in advance for any help you can give us.

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