Feria Comes to Pedasí!

In my previous blogA Colorful Pedasí, I mentioned about  “Feria Verde de Pedasí” coming to our town. Several other towns in Panama have regular farmers’ markets/craft & vendor sales such as Boquete’s Tuesday Morning Market (every Tuesday). Although there have been small ones in combinations of other events such as Carnival or the Animal Advocates’ Mercado, this was the first one planned solely for the purpose of local vendors, businesses, and organizations to come together to display, sell, and inform the public of their products and services. Large tents and tables were placed all around on the streets surrounding the town square and several set up throughout providing shade and a place to display for the vendors. Some brought and set up their own as we did for our own business: Expat Imports.

There were fresh vegetable and fruits, cooked food, drink (non-alcoholic), home-made ice cream and popsicles, jewelry, clothing, hats, pottery, painting, home-made crafts, plants, natural remedies, etc. for sell. Businesses such as the local bank, real estate, pet-sitting services, solar lighting, etc. displayed their services and products. Organizations such as the Azuero Project (reforestation) and Pueblo Colorado (repainting & beautification of Pedasí) had large displays of information & products to raise funds and volunteers. And at one corner, a stage was built providing music from various local singers of all ages, and musical groups. 

It was an all day activity (6:30am – 6:30pm) and very well attended throughout the day. There was a very good mixture of Panamanians and Expats, giving a sense of a strong and friendly community for everyone. All-in-all the Feria was a great success and I give thanks to those who helped in planning and organizing such a marvelous event. I hope to see more “Ferias” come to Pedasí, possibly on a regular scheduled basis. This is not just my wish, but from many who participated as vendors and those who attended. We all had a great time!

A video from the Municipio de Pedasí

An Aerial Video:

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