¡Feliz día de padres!

Today is Fathers’ Day in the U.S., but it seems Panama may have adopted this special day to honor fathers as well. I have observed many well-wishes in Spanish posted by Panamanian Facebook friends to their fathers along with a family from out of town visiting my neighbor. Panama has their own Mother’s day on December 8th, but I don’t think they have ever had an official fathers’ day, at least it is not on their holiday calendar. So it is nice to see father’s being recognized all over.
I was blessed with a great dad, not perfect, but if he could, he would do anything for his children and grandchildren. He taught me valuable lessons through his own actions of integrity, hard work, and love. And although he went to be with the Lord and my Mom 6 years ago, I honor him today, and still miss him tremendously. I am grateful and fortunate to have him as my dad.


I am aware that there are many who may have never really known their dad, such as my husband. And some who had lousy dads due to a number of circumstances such as alcohol,drugs, and violence. Or perhaps you are a dad, but estranged from your children. So this day may not be so special. Just know that there are some good dads out there for whom we can all celebrate this day. And for those who believe, we can give praise to our perfect father in heaven who gives us unconditional everlasting love.


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