A couple of weeks ago I noticed a rather sizable crack in our back wall of the garden. It stretch quite a ways across the wall. Each day it seemed to get bigger. Last week I showed it to the owner of the property. I thought it might have been caused by all the earth moving behind for construction of a new house. But the owner thought differently; probably the roots of the fan palm could be causing it.

So on Tuesday of this week, upon returning from a rather long walk with our friends from Playa El Toro to Playa Arenal and back, we came upon this scene:

No, it wasn’t an earthquake! The property owner decided to knock it down and put up a new one.

Just last weekend, I took pictures of the many flowers in both our back and front gardens. Such beauty for the hottest month of the year.

Since the wall had been torn down, the property owner decided to give all the garden walls, garden shed, and deposito a new coat of paint. Some leaves got a little extra color as well. Some things and plants got moved around. In the end it will look great.

As they were painting the outside of the deposito which is attached to the back of the enclosed garage next to the house and to the patio roof, it was discovered that the attached wall in the corner and at the roof had shifted about 3/4 of an inch. Again, was there an earthquake? This had happened only recently. You could even see through the crack on the corner from the outside patio to the garage. I checked online for the recent seismic movement in Panama. Nothing in the Pedasí area or even all of Pacific side of Panama for the last 4-6 months. There was a small earthquake on the Caribbean side of Panama recently, but nothing strong enough to do such damage. The only and closest significant earthquake recently had been the devastating one in Ecuador. Could it be possible to cause this amount of damage here? Our landlord even checked to see if maybe we had crashed the car into the back wall, but realized that would be impossible with the large chest freezer to stop us. Besides we would have reported that, and it didn’t happen anyway. The landlord did say that others in Pedasî had claimed of recent cracks in their walls and stairs, and he noticed a crack in the garden wall at the rental house he owns next to the lot for the new house. Very strange! So more repairing is in progress for our home.

At the end of a busy day, all is quiet (other than the roosters crowing). Much more needs to be done, but a lot of progress has been made with the repairs and the new house. Our animals are a little bewildered, especially Bella who is not allowed out back without supervision due to the wall still down. The wall to the next door neighbor is also down and being rebuilt. So we can’t allow Bella to just freely wander around as she is so used to. The cats, on the other hand, have been seen exploring the new addition. Before rebuilding the wall, they are constructing a drainage ditch in front to catch any run-off of rain water during the wet season. And if it wasn’t for the lack of water situation especially during the dry season, we probably could convince the property owner to put in a small common pool for the three properties. Oh well, still have the beaches and the pool at Los Vientos Beach Club, although that is only about 3/4 full due to lack of water right now. Such is life here in Pedasí.


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  1. Anne Harperb says:

    Hi Connie and Mikkel, we are Anne and Jim and we are in Boquete, having been here since Feb. We will be returning to the States at the end of May and want to visit Pedasi before we go. I enjoy your blog. Can you recommend a nice B&B where we might spend 4 or 5 days? We will be back to Panama in Jan for 4 or 5 months and would like to see what Pedasi is all about. My email is Thanks. Anne Harper

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