“Progress” in the Barrio

It is Saturday morning. Usually Saturday’s are somewhat quiet, but for the last few weeks and for probably for the next few months or so, Saturdays along with every day will not be so quiet. Why, you may ask? There is a lot of construction in the neighborhood.
IMG_2613Behind our home and on the next street, our landlord has finally started building another house on the empty lot he owns. He has been planning this for awhile, ever since we moved in over 2 years ago and probably more. The house will be similar to the house he built next door; the two lots combined are the size of our lot. So for the past couple of weeks we hear the sound of the cement mixer, saws, and shovels. Today, I hear dump trucks dumping fill dirt and a bulldozer, driven by our landlord, from behind our garden wall.

IMG_2616Now at the same time in front our house comes the sounds of a sledge hammer pounding in stakes and a cement mixer. And loud “tipico” music is being played from a radio for the workers’ enjoyment as they pour out the cement for the foundation. Someone else is building another house behind the house across the street from us.

IMG_2617For the last couple of months about a block away down our street, a two-story apartment building is being constructed. Again I hear the hammers pounding away as the workers are framing the second floor.

It is the dry season, so now is the best time to build before the wet season begins (usually by June). New houses and apartments are being built throughout this pueblo besides the three I mentioned in my “barrio”. We see many trucks from the “fereterias” (hardware stores) filled with concrete blocks, rebar, and other construction materials moving throughout the streets of Pedasí, and mamy pickup and cattle trucks transporting the workers to their worksite. Pedasí is growing. This is progress, they say. But for the next few months, Mikkel and I will just have to live among the sounds that come with the “progress” in our neighborhood.  I think it’s time to go the the beach.

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