Thought of the Week

Do just once what others say you can’t do, and you will never pay attention to their limitations again. ― James Cook
It seems to be getting to the point where I am not sure what to write about. No, it has not become boring living here in Pedasí and exploring Panama. But since Carnival, we have basically enjoyed our life here as it is now our home and I have already written much about that. For the past month, I have been quite busy with the business website (, translating everything into Spanish. Even with plugins for translations, it was not an easy task and took me many hours each day to get a few pages translated. All descriptions of our products had to be translated as well. And most photos had to be copied from the original English website and re-entered into the Spanish version. And although not perfect, it is now up in both English and Spanish. The Spanish part was mostly for our “Retailers” who sell our products for us throughout Panama and are more comfortable speaking & reading Spanish than English. But living in a Spanish-speaking country, it only makes sense to have it in both languages for all to read and possibly order products.

So besides working on the website, we have just lived our life. Some days we go to Los Vientos Beach Club for a swim and relaxation; sometimes we go out to dinner (surprisingly lots of good choices in this little town); sometimes we just sit and watch a show or two on Apple TV; Mikkel has gone a few overnight business trips; and once in awhile we go to Las Tablas or Chitré for shopping and pickup the mail. Oh, we do have an actual Post Office Box in Pedasí now, but most things ordered from the U.S. go to our MailBoxes Etc. box in Las Tablas still. There are only about 30 post office boxes available at the tiny Pedasí post office and we have not been able to rent one because there are none available. But becoming friends with the Pedasí postmaster Jose has it’s advantages. A couple of weeks ago I was shopping at Super Centro market in town and I saw Jose who told me that a box had just opened up. So across the street we went and after acquiring copies of our residence card back at the market, filling out a few duplicate forms, and paying the annual fees, we now have our own PO box instead of General Delivery. Social Security requires an actual residence and mailing address in the country you live. Since there are no addresses, General Delivery or a PO box is acceptable. As we left the post office, Mikkel claim that “we finally arrived!” after 2 years of living here. Things like having an address or acquiring a PO box we took for granted in the states. Here things can be so different and we sometimes get excited about the smallest of things accomplished or acquired.

Anyway, I have been collecting a few quotes over the past year and thought I might just write a little something about one each week when I don’t have anything else to report. The one I chose this week seemed appropriate for me. If anyone really knows me or my life story, they know that when I am told I can’t do something, I treat that as a challenge instead of a barrier.  I must admit that I say the same thing to Mikkel at times, and he proves me wrong also. At times, I don’t think I can do something based on my own fears and barriers. But when I move forward through those limits, whether told by others or myself, I am proud of the outcome. This is true of moving to another country where people said I would be back to the states soon, an recently accomplishing the task of translating the website. I really balked at that request from Mikkel at first, telling myself I had no idea how to do it. But I again took it as a challenge, and finally after some research on how and persistence, it is finished.  Another thing to thank God for is giving me the perseverance to take on these challenges. It is amazing what new adventures and experiences it will bring even in “our third life”.

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