Mas Animales, Mas Visitantes, y Mas Fiestas

Last weekend Mikkel and I again volunteered for another one, this time held in Las Tablas where we first volunteered 2 years ago. A few other volunteers from Animal Advocates of Pedasí also participated at this 2-day event. We brought 1 cat and a dog and their owner, a young man who helps Mikkel with Spanish translation and Internet research for his business. I also finally trapped a grey cat who kept coming around for food when I fed my 6 other cats. I really didn’t want a 7th, but it looks like “Gris” is now going to be part of the gang. So we brought him to be neutered as well. Our new friends and owners of a new Italian restaurant in town also brought their kitten. The final count for the 2 days was 248 dogs & 210 cats. It is always tiring but completely satisfying after a Spay/Neuter clinic.

(The sad news though is that our Italian friends’ kitten was killed by a coyote the next evening. They asked us to look for another kitten or two for them.)

We had an unexpected but delightful visit on Tuesday from a couple from Ohio (one of my blog followers) who have decided to move to Panama and are researching as we did before deciding where in Panama they would like to live. Pedasí was their last stop before going back home to sell everything and move by next Fall. Sounds very familiar since we pretty much did the same around the same time, only 3 years before.

As this town is getting ready for “Carnival” which starts Friday evening, ending next Wednesday, I know the U.S. is gearing up for the Super Bowl which happens to be this Sunday during Carnival (same time as Mardi Grau). We have been to a few Carnivals and although it can be exciting with colorful floats and parades, we have decided to stay home for most of it this year. I may go watch one parade in the evening. Living 4-5 blocks from all the festivities, we will be hearing all the very loud music playing from the bands, cantina, and disco 24 hours non-stop for the next 5 days, along with the fireworks, cherry bombs, and firecrackers. This sleepy town turns into a huge party town for Carnival. And due to the drought Panama has experienced, we may or may not have water for washing, cooking, or drinking. But now and then including this morning, we are used to having no water coming out of the tap. We have learned to keep plenty on hand (a 100-gallon tank is outside next to our kitchen with a pump, two 25-gallon storage units are in the garage, and a couple of 1-gallon bottles of drinking water are in the kitchen). As an alternative, we have decided to head to the beach club especially on Super Bowl Sunday. I was told that the club will be closed except to “locals” (that’s us) and possibly some hotel guests who are given passes. The beach club is far enough away that we won’t have to hear the pounding of the bass from the huge wall of speakers at the disco. So I may not be taking too many pictures of Carnival this year, but if you want to get a taste of what Carnival is like in Pedasi, you can click on here or here or go to my archives.

I hope everyone enjoys this weekend whatever you choose to celebrate or do. I leave you with words from Abraham Lincoln:

“In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”

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  1. Michele Mealy says:

    Hello;I have just spent the last couple of hours going through your blog and have really enjoyed it–very entertaining and very informative! Coming to Panama for the first time this July 2016 and am going to be looking around the country on a tour, very excited. I wasn’t planning on looking into Pedasi but you have now put it on the itinerary!
    All the best, and God Bless!

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