Where did January, 2016 go?

¡Buena! (The common greeting here in Pedasí.)
I know it has been at least a couple of weeks since I wrote anything on my blog. I have been meaning to but then get busy with something else and the time goes by. Today I purposely

brought my iPad to the beach club so if I had time while laying out on a lounge chaise overlooking the pool and ocean, watching the pelicans fly by and dive for their meal, listening to music, and drinking a tropical smoothie in-between swims, I could start writing something to share with my blog followers assuring them that I am still around. I like to write, but life has a way of moving on with or without me writing.

So what has been happening lately in “our third life” here to keep me so busy? (“Busy” is a relative term though.) There was the monthly planning meeting of Animal Advocates of Pedasi which Mikkel and I co-coordinate. Another spay/neuter clinic is scheduled this weekend in Las Tablas. This past month we have been hosts to many guests, U.S. visitors to Panama from Washington, Michigan, Florida, and California, as well as our friends in Pedasi. We love meeting new people and spending time with our friends playing Mexican Train or just talking.

As webmaster (something I never did before), I have also taken on the task of adding a Spanish version of Mikkel’s business website, www.expatimports.com. Mikkel paid a young man to translate many of the pages in Panamanian Spanish (Google translation does not always translate very well). But there are many areas of our website where I just have to input my Panamanian Spanish knowledge or resort to Google translation. Spending many hours cutting and pasting even with a language plugin. Hopefully it will all be up and running in a couple of weeks.

Now that we have a car, we spend 3-4 afternoons cooling off in the pool at Los Vientos Beach Club (we are now regulars and the staff knows us well). It’s only about 2-3 kilometers away from home, but just a little far for us to walk or ride my bike on these warm days, especially when it is mostly uphill going back home. Swimming in the pool is plenty of good exercise and so relaxing. No stress here. I never knew in all my wildest dreams that I would ever spend my retirement this way. God has definitely blessed Mikkel and I and we thank Him every day.

A couple of weeks ago we ventured out to meet the developer of a product for Mikkel’s business. He recently moved to a small village up in the hills between Las Tablas and Pedasí. We had never been there; it is always fun to discover more places around here. The village was quaint IMG_2200and small, but very clean and friendly, similar to other country towns in Panama with a church, covered basketball court, small store, and school. Different was that this town had a cheese factory and our new business friend had a consultation business as a natural herbalist (2nd generation). I had discovered one of his products, “Gruber’s Jungle Oil”, when I was in Boquete a couple of years ago. The product in totally natural and helps with insect bites, sunburns, scorpion & bee stings, cuts and scrapes, etc. When I first came to Panama, my body was overwhelmed with mosquito and chitra bites. I was itching all over and calomine lotion or aloe vera seemed not to work very well. I found the “Jungle Oil” and it really help stop the itching and dried up the scratches. Now that I have been in Panama for awhile, I seemed to be more immune to the bug bites, but I always keep some “Jungle Oil” on hand, just in case. (So much for the advertisement.) Anyway we had a nice visit and enjoyed listening to our new friend’s story. And his wife served us the best lemongrass tea I have ever tasted.

Afterwards, we drove down the hill to Las Tablas where we met our Pedasí neighbor and her friend to watch the “Desfile de mil de las Polleras” (parade of the 1000 Polleras – or more like 5000 Polleras). For those who haven’t read my blog from the beginning, the Pollera is the traditional dress or costume of Panama women. Many are adorned with gold jewelry, lace, delicate embroidery, and beaded headdresses. Many cost thousands of dollars. So I will finish this blog with a slideshow of pictures I took at the parade for your entertainment.

¡So until next time, Chau! (The common word in Pedasí for “goodbye”.)

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  1. klhber says:

    Ciao is the Italian word (sounds like Chow or chau) that everyone likes to use nowadays for hello and goodbye – I guess chau is a phonetic version but it does hurt my eyes!

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