Celebrating Mothers

Today, December 8, is “Día de las Madres” (Mothers’ Day) in Panama. Families gather to celebrate their mothers throughout the country. For the last 3 days in Pedasí there has been bullfighting at the empty lot on the corner of our street (3 lots away). Every afternoon truckloads of bulls are hauled to the temporary fenced bullring to face the semi-brave men who taunt these creatures to chase and charge them for the strange enjoyment of the crowds who surround the fenced area. No swords or machetes are used; the bulls are only teased and then directed into another truck to eventually haul off. Those trucks full of these animals are parked up and down our street until the bullfights are finished for the day. The main road to the beach is also fenced off near the cantina and traffic is redirected around. Vendors of souvenirs and food have been set up. The cantina is going strong with loud music and partying through each night until about 3am. Fireworks are shot randomly in the air throughout the day and night.

I wasn’t here last year (in the states), but understand this is an annual tradition here in Pedasí. The noise from the crowds, cantina, livestock trucks parked in front of our house, and fireworks definitely is a possible reason to be out of town. I think it is a strange way to celebrate Mother’s Day, but “TIP”- this is Panama, or in this case, Pedasí. As I have written before, they love to party here.

As the same as on Mother’s Day in the U.S. (2nd Sunday of May), there are several restaurants who are serving a special meal for Día de las Madres. Since my children are in the U.S. and I am in Panama, Mikkel will be honoring me as a mother by taking me out to dinner. And I wish to honor mothers everywhere as well, no matter where you live and when you celebrate.


Now onto to celebrating Christmas!

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