Thanksgiving Thursday – More Rain & New Friends

imageWe have had four consecutive days of rain and today it does not look like it is going to let up. I was woken this morning by lightning and loud thunder, not unusual for this time of year. The thunder has stopped, but the rain keeps on. I am not talking sprinkle here, but the usual steady heavy rain to buckets where you can’t see very far. There have only been a few breaks, maybe 10 minutes or so. A friend has come to stay for a couple of days. She really wants to go swimming at the beach. Each time the rain subsides, she ventures out without an umbrella thinking the rain is done for the day, only to get soaked as she walks or rides a bike toward her destination. I am not sure where she is right now; maybe at the cantina at Playa Arenal waiting for her chance to either go swimming or return home. Maybe she only got as far as the gazebo in the town square. But we have agreed that water doesn’t melt us.

So I sit here again on the veranda, listening to the rain. It is very calming to me. Occasionally someone walks by, still wearing shorts and tank top or their school uniforms, sometimes with an umbrella and sometimes without. Rain doesn’t stop anyone here. And we certainly need it.

Mikkel is in the city on business all week, so I have a lot of time to just enjoy being by myself and meditating on my many blessings. Today I am concentrating on again giving thanks for what today and this week has brought – the rain that brings new growth and colorful flowers for my enjoyment as well as a refreshing coolness we don’t often receive, new friends from the UK and France (followers of this blog), many other friends I have here in Pedasí, a sense of belonging to a community, along with a renewed appreciation for my husband’s cooking since I have had to cook my own meals this week. Every time I concentrate on the things to be thankful for, I, in turn, receive the blessings of more joy and peace – “tranquilo”.


Well, my friend has returned totally soaked and off to take a warm shower. She did get to Playa Arenal and had some “sopa” at the cantina while waiting for the rain to stop. But not such luck. Her plans were to go to Isla Iguana tomorrow, but after seeing that the rain doesn’t seem to be letting up, she will head out by bus to explore and stay in La Arena near Chitré. I am thankful for our time together, but again for the rain that just keeps on pouring down on the pueblo.

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