High Season is Starting Again


Flag Day
Flag Day, Nov. 4, 2015

The tranquilo has returned to our little village for now after a week-long observances of local traditions and national holidays. But this is not the end, just a break. Other nearby towns have their local celebrations. I was in Las Tablas yesterday and there was much traffic as this city prepares for a big parade and festival on Saturday. Nearby Pocri has a parade on November 10th along with La Villa in honor of “La Grita de La Villa de Los Santos” (the anniversary of the shout for independence). The “high season” is soon upon us which means more tourists, more holiday celebrations, more activities, more parties, more building, more people possibly moving in  temporarily, seasonally, or permanently from the cities and other countries. This will continue until the middle of February, culminating around Carnival.

There are pros and cons, depending on what you like, to all this rise of activity. For me, I enjoy meeting new people who have come to Pedasí. I enjoy some of the festivals here, although I do not like seeing how some of it has drawn many to accept a reason for public drunkenness and disregard of public property.

And the dry season returns soon, although this year the wet season has not been as wet as others in the past which will lead to a big shortage of water for many including animals, crops, plants, and even water outages for drinking and washing. We have experienced low water pressure and outages many times in the past, but it might get worse this coming year if we don’t receive much more rain this month. Mikkel and I have decided we like the wet season better: it is greener and somewhat cooler at times, although not too cool to require wearing a sweater (tank tops and shorts or sleeveless sundresses are still my choice of clothing year-round).

So as we continue into our 3rd year here in Pedasí (moved here in August, 2013), we look forward to new experiences and adventures along with being part of this community with all it’s activities. But I do savor those quiet and peaceful times in-between = “tranquilo”.

5 thoughts on “High Season is Starting Again

  1. McMoller says:

    Pedasi’s temperatures range between 75 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit (23-35 Celsius) every day, all day and night of the year and the humidity can sometimes be very high. First of all, it depends on what you are used to and what you are willing to get used to. We moved here in the wet season from the Sierra mountain foothills of California where the temps can be below freezing in the winter with some snow and over 100 degrees sometimes in the summer with 4 distinct seasons. It took a couple of months to really start getting acclimated, taking 1-3 showers a day. But now 1 shower a day to wash off the dust is fine. We wear cotton summer clothes all year round even at night or when it rains. I have only worn a light jacket when I have visited Boquete. The breezes do help. April is the hottest month and October the wettest when the winds change direction. We have gotten used to the warmer climate, but do notice when it is hotter. We may turn on the AC at night in the bedroom about 1-2 nights a month. Others use it a lot more. Of course no heater is ever necessary here. We live with windows and doors open 24/7, spending a lot of time outside including eating our meals. It is best to visit Panama during both the wet and dry season, or if you plan to move here, spend at least 6 months, preferably October thru April to experience it first hand and see if you can adjust.

  2. Tom Dumas says:

    Thanks Connie
    I forgot to ask about the temperatures in Pedasi. Does the ocean effect the temperature or feel of the temperature? I’m only interested in this area the mountains are to far away from the ocean. Does the weather get oppressive? The reason for all the questions; I plan on taking a trip there to get some hands experience. Your husband is doing me a great great favor and everything hinges on what comes from his research for me. Hope I don’t have to go to plan B as I done have a plan B. Tom

  3. Tom Dumas says:

    Hello again Connie
    I’m trying to get a handle on the weather in Pedasi. It’s great to get details on someone who’s been living in the area a while. Is it unusual not to have any rain from December thru April? That’s a long time; how do plants and gardens survive there? Then it rains quite often from May to December? Any information on the weather would be greatly appreciated. Have you been without water for any length of time? Thanks Tom

  4. McMoller says:

    Hola Kevin,Yes, by all means would love to meet up with you. I will be home all those day; Mikkel will be back from a business trip 21st Nov. Please feel free to stop by anytime; we live 2 houses from Pasta e Vino Restaurante. I will be glad to give you my local phone number via email if you have a phone. Look forward to seeing you.

  5. Kevin O'Connor says:

    Hi Connie, I’ve been following your blog from the beginning. I’m not sure if I’ve commented on your blog before. Myself and my wife are travelling to Panama from the U.K. on 11th Nov. and will be in Pedasí from 15th Nov. for nine days. Maybe we could meet up with you and Mikkel while we are there.Cheers,

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