Mi Esposo (Thanksgiving Thursday #7)

imageMy husband, Mikkel, flew to California on October 17th for a 10 day visit with his daughter, husband, and our 3 grandchildren in San Jose. He actually had made a few doctor appointments with the Veteran’s Administration in Palo Alto for his annual checkup and renewal of his prescriptions. Also, his California driver’s license was expiring and he is now required to renew it in person since he is over 70 years old. He has a Panamanian driving license, but he wanted to keep his California license current as well. I did not go with him this time due to costs, although COPA airlines has a special on a new direct flight to San Francisco (only $373 round trip with our Pensionado discount). I didn’t share Mikkel’s trip with the rest of the family, not wanting to hurt my other children’s feelings that I did not come with Mikkel and visit them as well. I really miss them, but the extra cost to travel to their homes was not in the budget. So if any of my family reads this, please understand. Mikkel spent most of the time running around seeing doctors or the DMV. Thanks to his daughter and her husband to provide a bed, meals, and transportation, helping us to keep down the expenses for this trip.
So I was home alone here in Pedasí for the 10 days. I kept busy with riding my bike, visiting friends, working on the business website, and traveling one day by bus to Las Tablas and back. Thank God we have MagicJack. I really missed my husband and each day I looked forward to talking with him on the phone. One early morning, there was no electricity, water, or even cell phone service. First time all three went out, possibly due to the stormy weather. This meant there was no way of even sending or receiving a message from anyone. I was so thankful when everything came back on and we could communicate again to each other.

Mikkel returned on my birthday and although he was very tired, having flown on the red-eye, catching a taxi to the bus station, riding on a bus for about 5 hours, and catching a ride from a friend for the final stretch to home, he took me out to dinner that night to celebrate. As we walked home from the restaurant, we watched the lunar eclipse turn into a “blood” moon. I am so grateful  to have such a loving “esposo”. We may not always agree on things, but we have always made the effort to kiss and say “I love you” at the end of the day. I guess absence does make the heart grow fonder. I am certainly blessed.


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