Attitude (Thanksgiving Thursday #6)

I am actually posting this on Friday. Time just got away from me this Thursday.

I don’t really like being angry, bored, frustrated, anxious, stressed, or just could care less, That’s when I try to remember this – look for things to be thankful for or look at my blessings. It always changes my attitude and my day becomes much better, and the anger. boredom, frustration, worry, stressfulness, and lack of empathy disappears.

So in this “third life”. I would rather enjoy life than to continue to dwell on negative feelings. I have chosen to think of all my experiences, whether good or bad, to be a learning journey and adventure.

I hear from others at times complaints about life here in Panama. Yes, it’s not perfect, but whereever one may have come from, I ask, “Was it perfect there?” Of course not (if you are truthful). I think those who chose to live here in Panama must accept and respect the Panamanian life of “tranquilo” and “working to live, not living to work” philosophy. Sometimes this is hard to remember coming from a country where the norm is the opposite.

So whenever I start to get into a complaining mode, I need to remember to thank God for the many blessings I have received, little and big. One thing I know to be grateful for; I am thankful for the freedome I have to be able to travel and live in another country during my “third life”. Never even imagined such a thing would happen.

Yes, being grateful does lift up my attitude for the better. If you haven’t already, you should try it some time.


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    Great write-up,thanks .We all suffer and and go through painful things in life ,,,NO ONE ESCAPES DEATH ,,so make the best of every day ,deal graciously with what life has dealt you an move forward GRATEFUL .

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