Travelog Tuesday-Staycation or Work?

a vacation spent in one’s home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions.

This week we didn’t go anywhere, just stayed home. Some may say we are on a permanent vacation. Although we may be abroad, this is still home.  So I guess when we don’t travel, we are on a staycation.

The past week or so since we came back from our trip to Coronado, Portobelo, and Panama City, I have only gone out a few times, riding my bike to the store to buy a few times, out to dinner and a birthday celebration at Smileys. And yet, I have been busy at work, so is it really a “staycation?

Work? I thought I was retired. For the last year, Mikkel and his partner Tim have been working to get their business started. At first, I just kept back not really getting involved other than going on a few business trips (Boquete, Costa Rica, and most recent trip). But about a month ago, I volunteered to take over the books, not liking Mikkel’s bookkeeping style of thowing the receipts in a desk drawer or just keeping it in his head. I invested in some accounting software and also started keeping inventory records as well. Recently their webmaster quit to spend more time writing a book. Both Mikkel and Tim knew nothing about maintaining and developing the website, So with a little help from the former webmaster, I have taken over that position as well. Although I have never had any formal training, I have never been afraid of tackling computer programming. My motto: “After pushing that key or clicking on that button, if it doesn’t work or give me the results I want, start over again or try something else.” (Or stop I become frustrated, and take a break.) Google really helps with finding answers as well. Anyway, I have the website up and running now, although there is still a lot to do or change. I am really proud of what I have done so far and hope my readers check it out (and possibly purchase a map or guide if you want). I am now considered the official webmaster and comptroller for EIFTA, the name of the business. But now I feel like I am spending 8 hours a day at work. At least I am enjoying my work, even if I am not getting paid. I always liked a creative challenge.

Home page of website.
Home page of website.

Along with my volunteer work (Animal Advocates of Pedasí & worship team leader for my church), I don’t have much time to take a vacation or travel outside of the pueblo. But I know there will be more business trips which also include leisure and travel. Lots more adventures coming our way. But for the time being, I will enjoy mini-staycations at home. I still enjoy my coffee on the front veranda and dinner most every night on the patio. Maybe I will take some time to ride my bike around town or possibly to the beach.


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