Goodnight All (Thanksgiving Thursday #4)

It is very late and all is quiet in the pueblo. I have had a busy day. Spent the morning working on Mikkel’s business and website. This afternoon I went with my girlfriends to Las Tablas and joined several other girlfriends for a “ladies’ luncheon”. It turned out to be a birthday party for 3 of the gals. We ate, drank, and sat around and talked for about 3 hours. Later after going grocery shopping, I returned to have several guests over for the evening. So now it is past 11 pm here in very quiet sleeping Pedasí.
I am now the accountant, inventory manager, online order processor, and webmaster. After two days, I feel like I have gone back to work full-time. I thought I had retired. But Mikkel is the salesman, the people-person, the entrepreneur, the man with a vision. I am good at organizing; just look at our desks.

My desk where there's always a space for "Mia".
My desk where there’s always a space for “Mia”.
Mikkel's desk-need I say more.
Mikkel’s desk-need I say more.
So the things I have volunteered to help with I am good at and he can concentrate on what he is good at. That’s what makes us a team; that’s why we work together well.

Sometimes I forget about this fact and find myself complaining or worrying about stupid little things. But then I remember how blessed we are. Again, all I have to do is starting concentrating on what to be thankful for and the worrying stops. I have a husband and we work, laugh, love, and play well together. I have friends I can do the same with. Tonight the stars are out although there is thunder and lightening out over the ocean. A slight breeze is stirring up. But all is calm and peaceful. A lot to be thankful for.

So as one of my favorite children’s books reads: “Goodnight moon; goodnight stars; goodnight friends; goodnight to my blog followers; goodnight Pedasí; goodnight Mikkel who is already asleep in bed; goodnight all.” May you all remember your blessings to help push the worries away.image

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