Transportation (Thanksgiving Thursday No. 3)

If you read my last post on Tuesday, you know that our car has been “deemed not worth putting any more money into.” So we are more or less carless. Actually I could say since Christmas Eve, 2014, our car has not been working very well and for most of that time with the mechanic. When we got it back, it would still overheat eventually, so it has not been very reliable even when we had it. Mikkel has driven it occasionally, but now only around Pedasí if he doesn’t want to walk.
We really need a car if we want to continue traveling, especially for Mikkel’s business. But right now we can’t afford much. Used cars here in Panama are selling for much more than in the U.S. and then you have to trust that the car is going to last for awhile. The weather and the roads can take a toll on cars. Our 1998 Honda CRV gave us a year and a half before December of good memories and adventures, but it is definitely falling apart. Not only the random overheating, but door handles and levers have broken, the windshield has cracked, belts and tires have needed replacing, etc., most of which have happened in the last 8 months. Some of these things we can’t find replacement parts here in Panama.


So what am I thankful for this Thursday? I am thankful that I have a new bicycle to ride around the pueblo and to the beach. I am thankful that I am generally in good health and can walk or ride a bicycle. I am thankful for living in town so I can walk to stores, however small, and purchase the things I need. I am thankful that there are buses, again however small and crowded, that can take me to bigger cities if I want to buy other things. I am thankful for friends in Pedasí that occasionally will take me to other places.

Being without a car can be an inconvenience, but it doesn’t isolate us. All I need is to go out the door and enjoy. Just today, I discovered for the first time since we lived here that we have a squirrel living in our mango tree in our garden.



Still praying that somehow we will find a car that can take us to more adventures in our “third life”. But in the meantime, I thank God for what I do have.


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  1. Check out the Panama Craigslist which I just happened to look at today there areseveral small suv’s for sale under $5000 and most are owned by english speaking
    people ­from Boquete and other parts north of Azuero province.Good luck.

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