Sweeping up (Thanksgiving Thursday #1)

Almost every day (or every other day) I find myself sweeping the floors, inside and out. Living in a rural town near the beach can bring in a lot of sand and dirt, not to mention the mud brought in by the dog and six cats along with their hair that sheds constantly especially in this warm climate. I personally am not fond of housework and there is a lot of floor space inside as well as outside on our veranda. Since I have had no housekeeper (although I only had her one day a week before) for several weeks, I get the not-so-wanted priviledge of dusting furniture, sweeping and mopping floors, along with washing dishes and clothes, making beds, raking leaves, watering plants, weeding, cleaning the bathroom & shower, scrubbing toilets. I have done this for years in my homes in the states. But I got spoiled when I moved into my home and the housekeeper was part of the package. Since she quit, I have had difficulty finding someone reliable. I have tried to be content with doing it myself, but someone convinced me that after all these years of housework, I owe it to myself a little luxury of having someone do the heavy cleaning.  I do like a clean but comfortable home. It does not have to be spotless; just look like it for the many guests we continue to have. And yes, I love entertaining guests. So I guess I am stuck with it even if I don’t like it.

So now I am trying to look at things more positively by realizing what I can be thankful for in the midst of what I don’t find pleasurable. Looking at the pile of dirt accumulated in one day, I see the tiled floors. I think about where I used to live with wall-to-wall carpeted floors and realize that the pile of dirt could be in the carpet instead, mostly invisible. And although I would vacuum, it probably would not get it all. By sweeping up the dirt, you see it and know you got most of it. In this warm climate, tiled floors is so much cooler to walk on with bare feet. We no longer wear shoes or sandals in the house or on the patio. It may be a little thing, but I am grateful for tiled floors.

I am also grateful for my husband who has helped with the mopping and occasionally washes dishes. And today I am grateful that a new housekeeper came and did a marvelous job of cleaning my house. Hopefully she will return next week. So I thank God I can relax for a couple of days before the sweeping up starts all over again.

6 thoughts on “Sweeping up (Thanksgiving Thursday #1)

  1. McMoller says:

    Our housekeeper’s husband was killed in a diving accident about a year ago. They had built a small house behind their own and now she uses the rent money as income. She was also busy taking care of her grandchildren who live with her.Finding another housekeeper sometimes is difficult for many reasons: some expats pay more money than the going rate and the word gets out; the good ones are already booked up; some move on to other things such as school or other employment; etc.
    As far as safety, we have not had any problems. I feel very safe walking down the street at night even by myself. Children play in the street. There have been a few burglaries, but nothing violent. It is definitely safer than what is happening in the U.S. You always have to be diligent of course where ever you live. But I won’t try to convince anyone that Pedasi is for them as it is for us. You have to come see for yourself.

  2. Becky Shipley says:

    Why did the housekeeper quit? We are considering perhaps a month in Panama around December. At first we thought Pedasi, but now we are uncertain. We are unsure about rentals and want to be sure we land in a safe place. Any thoughts on this?

  3. Mikkel Moller says:

    I also cook breakfast and dinner most days. Lunch is what every is in the refrigerator. By the way, meals are cooked from scratch, generally no canned or frozen unless it is something like mushrooms, which are hard to come by fresh, expensive when you do find them. At least once a week I bake some kind of muffins, like sweet plantain or banana mango.
    Plus I am running the business, which keeps me at the computer 8 plus hours a day unless we are traveling. Although, thank goodness, Connie has taken over the accounting, she did not like my folder in drawer full of receipts method of accounting. She has spent the last month, several hours each day, bringing the “books” up to date and now it will take less time.

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