A Good Long Week

It seems like it has been a very long week, but very satisfying. Every day I have been busy helping with Vacation Bible School at the church we have been attending in town. Not only was I assisting in registration, music time, and refreshments, Mikkel and I hosted a volunteer teacher from Panama City all week. From Sunday evening until Saturday morning, Elvis Smith stayed in our home. We enjoyed getting to know him as we sat around the table for breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day. Elvis is originally from the Kuna indigenous tribe located in the San Blas islands area of Panama, but now lives in the Vera Cruz area of Panama City and has his own business as an electrician. This very patient and loving man took the time to teach me more Panamanian Spanish correctly and even some Kuna language. He drove his car here with his niece and her friend, all volunteering this week with the children, ages 7-8 years, who attended VBS. We were thoroughly blessed by him and so were the kids. Altogether we started with 28 children on Monday and ended up with 45 children on Friday, along with a dozen or so volunteers. A good week to finish the first month of this year.

Our new friend Elvis Smith.
Our new friend Elvis Smith.

Elvis left for his home early this morning. Neli, our housekeeper, did not show up again this week. So I was busy sweeping and mopping floors along with washing the bedding in our extra room where Elvis stayed. I guess I may have to let Neli go and find another housekeeper. She does a great job when she comes, but she has been so inconsistent for the last few months and never let’s me know if she is not coming, when or why; just shows up on different days of the week and not every week.

Also, can’t forget to tell you that we finally have our car back. It was 35 days without one, and yet I still am walking instead of driving to VBS, the bank, pharmacy, and grocery store. I guess I got used to and enjoy walking-good exercise. Mikkel did drive it to Chitré to buy groceries, many things that are unavailable in Pedasí. And we did go to the beach, something I have been missing a lot. I walked along the water’s edge at Playa Toro and then sat for awhile on a log – so refreshing; so reviving. Anyway the car is fixed – total cost (parts and labor) was just short of $700 to fix a blown head gasket, flush the radiator, add differential fluid, and repair a few other things. A lot cheaper than what it would cost in the U.S. but it took a lot longer. Mikkel still thinks he hears something that not quite right, but not sure what it might be. So he might take the car back and have the mechanic listen to it. Hopefully it is nothing.

So now things are back to “normal”. Oh wait a minute! Tomorrow is “Super Bowl” Sunday and our friend Tim is coming to stay the night. I guess I should say “things are always an adventure for our third life in Pedasí, Panama”.

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