Our U.S. Trip – Part 2

While Mikkel is catching up on some sleep after waking & getting up early this morning at 4am, I am taking the time to write more about our trip to the U.S. We are supposedly awaiting for the biggest storm of the year in the Sacramento area and both of us were awaken this morning by the trees surrounding us and blowing in the wind. For me, it reminded me of the familiar sound of ocean waves on the playas in Pedasí, so I was able to go back to sleep. But apparently Mikkel got up for awhile, but now has returned to bed fast asleep and snoring.
The 2nd full week of our visit has come and gone. We stayed at Mikkel’s daughter’s home in Willow Glen area of San Jose, California, mostly playing with the grandchildren, Greyson-age 3 and Ashlynn-age 1, and catching up with their parents Michelle & Derek who had recently announced that they are expecting their 3rd child in May. Yeah! God has blessed us with another grandchild!

It’s Christmas time, so we joined in some Christmas activities such as watching the Los Altos Festival of Lights Parade, buying a Christmas tree, driving around the Willow Glen neighborhood to see homes decorated with Christmas lights, and helping with putting up the lights on their home. We also went shopping at Costco, a large membership store, similar to PriceSmart in Panama with many of the same brands, to buy some items we really wanted but not available in Panama. We had previously gone to a Costco with my daughter in Tucson and bought lots of vitamins in bulk, but this time Mikkel, the chef, needed a few food items he hasn’t been able to find in Panama. Unfortunately it rained much of the time, so we mostly stayed indoors, venturing out in between raindrops. But it gave us a lot of time to just talk.

Also, Mikkel had stored in their garage 8 boxes of books he just felt he could not part with at the time as we packed to move to Panama. So he had time now to go through everything, selling some at a nearby used bookstore and donating about 4 boxes full to the local library. Some he decided to give to our church in Auburn, California when we visit the next week; some books he is taking to give away when he attends the watching of the Army/Navy game with other alumni and family at a Sports Bar in Sacramento; and the remainder he hopes to take back home to Pedasí. We brought 2 empty suitcases from Panama just for extra items to bring back. Hopefully it will all fit and not go overweight. Copa Airlines will not allow for overweight or extra luggage this time of year during the holiday season.

Both Mikkel and I visited Greyson’s preschool on two separate mornings. It located up in the Santa Cruz mountains, hence the name “Mountain School”. There was lots of puddle-jumping.

All-in-all, we had a great visit and as we said our goodbyes and drove off, more tears came to our faces, knowing that it may be a long time before we see each other again. Next stop: Auburn, California to visit more family and friends. Again, internet connections are limited where we are staying. (Sending this again from another Starbucks.) Part 3 of our US visit will probably be written after we return home before Christmas.

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