Unplanned Trips

I, again, haven’t written on my blog for awhile. One reason is because we really haven’t done much in the way of reporting something different. The few things we have done, I post on my FaceBook timeline. We mostly stay at home, work in the garden, watch Netflix, go shopping at the one of the mercados in town or once a week go to a bigger grocery store in Las Tablas and pick up our mail at MailBox, Etc.

Sunday mornings we attend a small Baptist church in Pedasí. Three other expats regularly attend with us, and a young man is kind enough to translate In English for Pastor Alberto who is very charismatic and a blessing. I have gotten involve in leading worship music with two other women, singing in Spanish. I think I mentioned that I sang in church and a semi-professional choral group. So now I can enjoy singing and learn more Spanish at the same time. Our Pastor also sings occasionally; he is a very good singer.

A week ago Sunday afternoon we went With our friend PB down to Él Ciruelo and Playa Venao (about a 30-mile drive south). PB wanted us to look at a house she is possibly interested in purchasing and give our opinion. It was very rustic but overlooks the beach. Then we checked out the “Mexican” restaurant, Mantaraya, that had recently opened up. We had previously met the owner, Owen, when he had a restaurant in Coronado, and now moved down to Playa Venao. We had met his significant other & partner, Teresa, at the Animal Advocates’ “Mercado” event a few weeks before. Having an occasional craving for Mexican food (California style), Mikkel ordered nachos, tacos, enchiladas, and burritos for the three of us to share. Since Panamanian “tipico” food can be a little bland at times, a little spice hits the spot. And, of course a visit to a beautiful beach is always reviving.


Last Sunday, the three of us again headed south again; this time to Cañas, past Playa Venao. We met up with another expat, Alex, and had lunch at the local fonda. Later we drove Through the town down to the marina to explore a little more. After dropping Alex off at his home and also taking with Owen, who is his neighbor, we stopped again at the beach to take in the beauty. I never can get enough of the beaches down here. 

One other reason I haven’t been writing is that my Bluetooth keyboard I have for my iPad is not working properly. The space button along with the “g”, “h” and numbers buttons are not working. Probably humidity, dust, heat all contribute to it. I like having the external keyboard instead of using the one on the IiPad screen. I can type faster with all my fingers, as I was trained on a typewriter In high school, instead of pushing the buttons on the iPad screen with basically two fingers now. Oh well, I will just have to buy another keyboard at Best Buy in L.A. This coming weekend.

Yes, I am going to California this week. This was not planned. We had planned to return around Thanksgiving and Christmas to visit family and friends, which we still plan to do. But unfortunately I received not so great of news last week that my youngest sister, who has been battling adrenalin cancer this past year, may not live much longer. Therefore my whole family from many parts of the U.S.- sisters, brother (her twin), my children, nephews, & nieces along with some good friends- are coming together this coming weekend to celebrate her birthday and life, hopefully before she passes. I prefer doing this than going to a funeral, although I haven’t given up hope. So this is not a vacation, but it will still be nice to see everyone, especially my son and daughters. For the past week I have been busy making all the travel arrangements-airlines, car rental, hotel- along with several calls and messages to family.

Anyway, I probably won’t be writing on the blog until I return home here in Pedasí. I will be taking the bus to Panamá City on Wednesday (Mikkel is not going), staying overnight, and flying out early Thursday morning to Los Angeles. I guess I can say this is a little adventurous since I have never gone to the city without Mikkel. My sister lives in nearby San Fernando Valley. I used to live in Sherman Oaks (also in the valley), so that is not as adventurous. The plan is to have a birthday party for my sister on Saturday, September 27th even though hers is on the 28th. Actually my birthday is on the 27th, but I don’t mind. I’ll celebrate mine when I get back with our anniversary on Oct.3rd & Mikkel’s on Oct.8th. We combined it before when we went to Disneyland a few years back. Unless something happens to delay me, I will take the “red-eye” to Panamá City, arriving early morning October 1st, and ride the bus back to Las Tablas. Mikkel will be volunteering at the SpayPanama clinic there, so he can pick me up before returning to Pedasí. All I ask of my readers and friends is travel mercies and prayers for my family. Gracias.

So “Chau” for now.

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