Rainy Day

This wet season has been one of the driest here in Pedasí for a long time according to those who have lived here for several years. So when the rain comes, however little, sporadic, heavy, or constant, it is welcomed. It brings new growth for this agricultural area and much needed for the fincas which raise cows for milk or beef, horses, pigs, chickens; or grow food products such as maiz (corn), cana de azucar (sugar cane), arroz (rice), piña (pineapple), guineo (bananas), tomate (tomato), lechuga (lettuce), cebollo (onion), papaya – to name a few (and now you got a little Spanish lesson along with it).
Today I woke up to a steady rain which is soaking the ground thoroughly. The sound of this shower on the roof and ground is very calming to me. There is a coolness in the air, but not enough to warrant wearing a sweater or jacket as I sit on the veranda under the ceiling fan drinking my coffee. I continue to enjoy this “tranquilo”. The rain does not stop the colorful hummingbirds hovering over the flowers, nor the birds from singing and hopping from branch to branch inside the bushes. Nor does it stop people from going about their business in the barrio, walking or riding bicycles up the street with umbrellas (which they use also when it is sunny for protection), the children walking or catching buses to school, and trucks and cars occasionally stopping next door to do business with our neighbor Niato who cleans and fillets the fish catch of the day. The roosters still crow all day; the stray dogs still run pass occasionally. As I look around, I see three of the cats sleeping on the padded chairs in the patio; Mia sitting just inside the front door looking out; Bella is laying on the tiled floor in front of me; Priscilla lately seems to have taken shelter elsewhere, but always shows up for meals. It is just a typical day in spite of the rain.

It is beginning to rain harder, accompanied by thunder, and I have gone inside, sitting on the living room sofa. Mia has joined me on her favorite spot-the back of the sofa next to the window, and Bella is now sleeping on her bed. Mikkel is in bed now, sick with a cold (I hope I don’t get it). It is a great day to read a book, count my blessings, and just relax.

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