First 4th

Fourth of July has come and gone and since it is a U.S. holiday, it was very low-key for us here in Pedasí. I knew there was a celebration at the U.S. Embassy in Panamá, but business as usual for a Friday here. And for a town that loves a party and fireworks throughout the year, none were seen or heard on this day. I really didn’t expect much anyway.
The only celebration going on was at Smiley’s where there was a large American Flag hung and the usual Friday night music band playing. We decided to walk over and celebrate a little by having an American type meal of hamburgers & fries (I had pantacones instead since I’m allergic to potatoes). John, the owner, tried to stream fireworks celebrations from the U.S., but it just didn’t work. So Mikkel and I watched a little of the Macy’s fireworks show streamed from my iPhone while eating dinner until the live music started.

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I certainly miss the past celebrations I participated in. For the past 3-4 years, Placer Pops Chorale, a singing group I was a member of, along with my church, would present a patriotic performance for 2-3 evenings at the outdoor Amphitheater in Auburn, CA. It was well attended by the public and lots of fun including a variety of food vendors. And always on the night of the 4th, there were fireworks shot off in the sky from the fairgrounds. Actually I can’t remember an Independence Day without fireworks wherever I lived. I guess we will have to invite all our U.S. friends here next year if we want a blow-out celebration – at least to shoot off some firecrackers. I may be a permanent resident of Panama, but I am still a U.S. citizen and am proud of our founding principles. Oh there goes some firecrackers nearby for no specific reason other than it’s just Panama. Maybe I really don’t need fireworks on the 4th of July. I get my full share of them throughout the whole year.

Patriotic Music Program in Auburn, CA
Patriotic Music Program in Auburn, CA

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