Inauguration Morning in the Barrio

It is Inauguration Day here in Panama, a national holiday. the new President Varela will be officially sworn in today as the President of Panama for the next 5 years. I do not know what that will mean for expats or if any changes will occur that will affect us specifically. We will just have to wait and see.

Selfie - sitting in my rocking chair  as I write my blog
Selfie – sitting in my rocking chair as I write my blog

My morning quiet place.
My morning quiet place.
I never get tired of this view from where I sit.
I never get tired of this view from where I sit.

Being that as it may, I am sitting in my rocking chair on the front veranda, drinking my morning coffee and listening to the occasional thunder announcing the pending rain from the gray clouded sky above. I realize that I won’t be going to Los Destiladeros this morning to teach the children English due to it being a national holiday. So I have time to just enjoy this very quiet morning in the barrio, listening to the birds (and roosters). Usually by now children are walking down the road to school, trucks are stopping by our neighbor Niato who cleans and fillets fish for the local commercial fishermen, and people are about their daily lives. But it is unusually quiet for a Tuesday morning. I do not know if people are just sleeping in or possibly getting ready in anticipation of celebrating later.

About a year ago I started blogging about our journey of our new Third Life in Panama, starting with writing about the preparation, not knowing where it would take me. My blog has been a journey of its own, at times a type of therapy for me to express my thoughts in written form. It has introduced me to many new people in Panama and around the world, some who have come to Pedasí to visit or even live here, and others who write blogs which I follow now, enjoying their experiences and sometimes receiving valuable information for my new life as an expat. And, of course, this blog has kept me in contact with my friends and family in the U.S. All in all, I enjoy writing, something I never seemed to have time for while living in California. Of course I was working and now I am retired with more time to spare. I seem to gotten a little busy here with teaching English, taking Spanish lessons, and facilitating Animal Advocates of Pedasí (I will write about the Spay Clinic last weekend in the next blog), not to mention so many other activities that seem to be part of my life now. But I still find time to just sit, meditate on how God has blessed me with such a different but better life, and write about it.

Well, Mikkel has made desayuno (breakfast) – tocino (bacon-freshly sliced from a slab by the butcher) and juevos (eggs – unrefrigerated and from a local farm). My food intake and eating habits have definitely changed, I might add for the better. And the pending rain has now arrived, although it does not send me inside as it would have before. The rain brings a breeze and a welcomed cooler temperature, but both Mikkel and I remain in our shorts and summer clothes, having been acclimated after 11 months in Panama. I hear music playing from somewhere and the sound of vehicles driving on the roads in front of and near our home are more frequent. Seems like the neighborhood is waking up in spite of the rain. So for now I will eat my breakfast outside with my husband, protected from the torrential rain falling on the roof of the veranda. Even the little things are now blessings to me and I am grateful to see life in a whole new perspective.


The umbrellas are out.
The umbrellas are out.

3 thoughts on “Inauguration Morning in the Barrio

  1. Hugo Ernst says:

    I haven’t gone back to compare, but from memory, I believe your writing has also improved..not that it was bad, but it seems to be easier to read. (Suppose to be a compliment in there someplace)
    I have been researching the new presidents policies, and it seems, he promised the people that he would sign a declaration the first week, that something like 22 food items, cannot be increased in price, I believe Carter tried that, and after several months some items were no longer available, I’d bet those 22 items, will also become hard to find. guess we will see. (down to about a year, and counting)

    I also love your veranda!

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