Local Hydroponics

We had learned about a hydroponics farm located in Limón, about 5-10 minute drive south of Pedasí, but never could seem to find it when we drove through. Lettuce and tomatoes from the farm was sold at a local hostal in Pedasí and we were sometimes lucky to purchase both products if the local restaurants did not buy them first. The lettuce and tomatoes are so delicious.
About a week ago, as I was driving back from teaching English at the school in Los Destiladeros, I looked straight out into a field as I was turning left from the stop sign to go back through Limón and then home and there it was – a greenhouse which I believed was the hydroponic farm and I was right. The next day Mikkel, our friend Tim, and I drove out there on our way back from visiting an agriculture faire in Los Ascientos. The gate was open and fortunately the owner, David, was there. He was more than willing to show us what he was doing, although he was in the process of replacing the greenhouse covering which had been damaged recently. He said that his lettuce was not for sale because of the damage and was not up to his expectations to sell to the restaurants and the public. So he was going to feed them to the cattle nearby. Some of the lettuce looked pretty good to me.

Nevertheless, he showed us around and what he was growing in the greenhouse, and his various hydroponic methods. David was also more than willing to share where he got the materials and seeds. Both Mikkel & Tim have been interested in building there own hydroponics system, so they were glad to receive a lot of helpful information. There was lettuce, tomatoes, cauliflower, peppers, chives, rosemary, and other vegetables and herbs growing hydroponically and from the dirt organically, some as experiments to see if they would grow in this particular climate.

When we left, David gave us some lettuce, reluctantly I might add because he felt they were not up to his standards. We also received some peppers and basil clippings. We thank him for all the information and tour. We exchanged phone numbers so we could buy more when available and definitely made a new friend. Mikkel and I ate a delicious salad that night with dinner.

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