Muchos Mangos

When I lived in California, my favorite fruit flavoring was mango. I loved mango flavoring in ice tea, sherbet, and sometimes would buy mango nectar as a treat. But fresh mangos were somewhat rare, and when I found them, they were expensive and usually not very ripe.
Well, fast forward to my home now in Pedasí. My favorite fruit is plentiful, sweet and ripe off the tree. What’s even more satisfying, is that we have a large mango tree in our garden full of mangos. It is mango season, so for the last few weeks as the large green mangos ripen to a golden red, I have picked 6-12 mangos each day. And I haven’t even put a dent in remaining mangos still ripening on the tree.

So what do I do with all these mangos which are even more delicious than those in California. I mostly am dicing them up and freezing them for the future. Mangos, like many other fruit such as apples and peaches, only grow a few months of the year (mostly April – May here). I watched a video on YouTube on how to cut up mangos, and it’s pretty simple now, taking only about 15 minutes to cut up all the mangos I have gathered each day. With the large seed, it takes about 2 whole mangos to make 1 Cup of diced mangos. But it can get a little messy, and the seed is not like that of a freestone peach. It does remind me of the time (early 90’s) I used to can peaches, apricots, blackberries, applesauce, etc. with my friend Barb. We used to can 50-100 jars in one day. Then it took a lot longer with all the cutting, mixing, and boiling on a hot summer day. Now I just dice up the mangos, wrap up 1 Cup with plastic wrap, place them in a zip-lock bag and into the freezer – much easier.

With the 1-Cup wraps, we can take out a small amount to make a smoothie, salsa, juice, put on top of ice cream, or eat fresh in a bowl. Mikkel has looked up recipes. One is for mango chutney, which calls for green, unripe mangos. I discovered green mangos are a lot harder to peel, cut, and dice – harder than apples. But the end result of the mango chutney spooned over “loma de cerdo” (grilled pork loin) is worth the effort – muy rico.

Anytime a friend comes to the house, I offer mangos. Seems everyone loves them. I have been warned that I may soon be overwhelmed by all the mangos that may ripen all-together at once. If that happens, I’ll start calling more friends to come by. In the meantime, I am enjoying my all-time favorite fruit. I thank The Lord for His abundant provision.


Mangos ripening on the tree
   Mangos ripening on the tree
First mango of the season
   First mango of the season
So many mangos
     So many mangos
A bowlful of mangos every day
   A bowlful of mangos every day



9 thoughts on “Muchos Mangos

  1. Kris Cunningham says:

    I love mango season! I found a tree in our neighborhood that has those big ones like in your photo, and I stop by almost every day to see what I can pick up. By the way, thanks for the salsa recipe. I suppose, if you need me to, I could check your tree while you are away and we’re in your neighborhood 😀

  2. JK Mikals says:

    Yes, frozen mangos are such a treat I have been considering buying a small freezer to take some of the pressure off the tiny one in my fridge. As soon as you say the word, I will buzz down from Las Tablas on my scooter and “help you” take the pressure off your impending mango oversupply! (LOL). I’m hoping for a few green ones, too, as I want to try some of those so-exotic recipes. Please remember to notify your fellow bloggers ( when the bounty comes in!

  3. indacampo says:

    So…if you’ve ever got too, too many I’m always ready to take a waddle up the street. We’re still waiting for the “community” tree to ripen. Oh, and I bought one of those telescoping fruit pickers this year. :3

  4. Hugo Ernst says:

    Reminds me of a old saying in our family….”How do you tell if a person has no friends? You see them in the store buying Zucchini!” In Pedasi, you can now substitute “Mango” for zucchini in that saying.. Enjoy all your fresh fruit, veggies and fish! See you again in 2015…

  5. sunnymikkel says:

    Actually up to this point the frozen mangos have not lasted long. Between eating as a treat right out of the freezer, smoothies and recipes, we are using almost everything as fast as Connie sticks them in the freezer. Frozen tree ripened mangos, fresh field ripened pineapple and tree ripen papaya smoothies are really great!

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