Two Days of Pruning & Trimming

Yesterday and today our garden, trees, and plants got a makeover. Although lush and beautiful still, things were getting a little overgrown and raggedy. So our landlords arranged for Chevalle to come and do some major trimming before the wet season really gets underway. It’s been raining off and on (about every other day or night), but on the other days, the sun comes out and it is very hot and humid. So before the rain really starts to come down in the normal buckets instead of the light showers we have experienced lately, the hedge trimmers, clippers, and machete came out to trim the bushes and cut down the dead palm leaves along with the coconuts.  Chevalle, an older Panamanian, is a hard worker, climbed trees and stood on the top of the ladder to cut down the bushes along the fences. He also thinned out a lot of the plants. And then he raked and cleaned up all the debris and took it to the dump. Another good worker who continued through the day, only stopping once for lunch. Luckily the day was a little cooler due to a light rain at around lunchtime.
Today he returned to finish cutting down some palm leave he had missed and then spraying an insecticide around the garden perimeter and up in the coconut trees where ant colonies like to hide.

At first I was a little reluctant to have everything cut back. We now can see our neighbors on one side because the flower bushes were thinned out. They were once so very thick and offered much privacy. But I knew it all needed to be done, just like trimming the trees back in Auburn, CA. As the Bible says in John 15:2, ….He prunes it so it may bear more fruit. And soon, as the rains comes more frequently and heavily, the flowers and plants will grown back quickly and abundantly.

When I saw the finished product from Chavalle, I was very pleased. Although the garden may be less dense of foliage, it has a very clean but still beautiful look.  So here are some before, during, and after pictures.




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