First Rain of the Season

This morning I woke up to the welcomed sound of rain. I got up and looked out to confirm it was indeed raining.  It was light enough to see, but the sun had not appeared over the horizon yet. So the wet season is upon us. I love the smell of a fresh rain as it stirs up the dust and eventually cleans the air. The rain only lasted about 10-15 minutes, so I laid back down to take in a few more minutes of sleep. Anyway after the rain stopped, the clouds apparently moved on and the sun came out. I missed the rainbow, but I am posting a few pics captured by a couple of Facebook friends.
image image

The grey overcast of clouds has returned this afternoon, and it is very humid. But I look forward to more rain soon which brings more growth and new life to this area. We haven’t had rain since December. It reminds me of what Auburn, California looks like in the summer. so it will be nice to see the dry grass and some bare trees return to green.

2 thoughts on “First Rain of the Season

  1. mcmoller says:

    Hi Alan and Kent,Just saw Bonnie last night (Yes, I know her.) Call me at 6674-2996 and we will be glad to meet up with you. Always glad to meet someone from our home town.

  2. brnded says:

    Hi Connie, It’s Alan Anderson writing you. Kent and I will be in Pedasi on the 28th. We are staying at the Casa del Peurto and Bonnie Birker is the host there.Here is the contact info:Casa del Puerto El Puerto de Guarare, Provincia de Los Santos
    507-994-4982; cell – 507-6772-2863

    Kent’s cell is 831-521-7901

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