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In the small town of Auburn, CA, there was a free weekly (or bi-monthly) local newspaper, The Auburn Sentinel. I always enjoyed the column called “About Town”. It was about various small business, residents, activities happening, and written as though the writer was walking through town reporting the information to share to others. Hence the title of this blog
This last week has been very “tranquilo”. Since Carnival, things are slowly getting back to normal here in Pedasí. Mikkel and I continue to enjoy our life. We mostly live outside from morning to night, eating breakfast and dinner out on the garden patio, reading books and email, going to the beach, walking the dog. Yesterday as I walked through town to and from my Spanish class, I observed that the townsquare was pretty much cleaned up with hardly any reminder that it was totally active with people, vendors, water trucks, 50,000 watt speakers playing music, etc. a week ago. The usual couple of older men sat on bench in the central gazebo, construction workers back at work remodeling a house, people back to catching a bus for work or grocery shopping at the local market. Our one neighbor was out on the side of the road with a huge pile of rice hulls on a tarp. He explained in Spanish to me that he was cleaning the rice. Our other neighbor had laid out a huge pile of corn kernals in front and on the side sidewalk of his home for drying.

While Nellie was cleaning our home, Mikkel and I walked over to a local restaurant (Brisas) for lunch. We chose to have the short rib soup and rice, which was delicious. Although the climate is sunny and warm most of the year here, soup oddly seems to be the favorite dish among Panamanians. We rarely desire to order soup since we moved here, but sometimes it comes with the meal. Usually I don’t eat it especially if it has potatoes (I have a rare allergy to potatoes.) This soup consisted of yucca, carrots, onions, and short ribs, and the broth was “muy rico”. “When in Rome (Panama), do as the Romans (Panamanians) do.” Oh! That’s right! We are Panamanians now. The soup is good; it doesn’t have to be cold to have good soup.

At a few various places throughout town, there are still the remnants of the Carnival floats laying around in open fields, covered cantinas, and on the side of the road, collecting dust, waiting to be moved for storage or perhaps just staying where they are until they can be recycled for the next celebration or parade. The next big holiday is Holy Week (Easter) and I understand that it is also a big deal here, although I don’t know if any of this will be used. It is so interesting to learn about the traditions and culture; never boring; always something new to experience.

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  1. Lorraine Keeffe says:

    Hey, Connie & MikkelHow are you? I almost called you the other day, but I was afraid that I would be charged a hugh amount. You’ll have to let me know if that is true…..is there a charge to Panama?
    We are doing fine…..in spite of having to move…..yes, our landlord wants his house back in may.
    So we are moving up the street – 6 houses. The rent will be the same….smaller home. I am up to my ears in boxes….and packing. Pray that I will stay sane in all this moving. Mike will soon be working for the County – driving bus…..Church is going well….Bible study just started back up for another 6 weeks.
    We are studying Gideon by Priscilla Shirer. I think it will be good. Love to you, Lorraine Keeffe

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