Most every morning when I wake up, I go out to our front veranda and sit on one of the rocking chairs under the ceiling fan. There while drinking my coffee, I welcome in a another beautiful day in the barrio (neighborhood). Usually this time of year the many trees are swaying in the breeze and the sun is coming up over the tree-lined horizon, shining on the front of our home. The rocking chair is placed so a column hides the sun from my eyes. I love to quietly sit and meditate for awhile, taking in God’s splendor and blessings. Sometimes I will bring my iPad out with me, check my email and Facebook, and then start writing for my blog. This day I went straight to writing, skipped to emails.
Our vecinos (neighbors) are usually up at the crack of dawn, talking to others as they walk or drive by. On any given day and time, you will find people in the pueblo, sitting in front of their homes and talking to others, always willing to say “bueno” to the passerby.

Some may know I have what I call a cautious fear of spiders and other insects. I don’t like them in my house and I don’t like them around my house. I don’t freak out when I see them, although Mikkel would exaggerate and tell the story differently. I just don’t like to share my home with them, but here in Pedasí, I am beginning to accept them as part of my new life. Spiders, bugs, scorpions, frogs, and geckos have all visited inside our home. There is nothing to stop them from coming inside. The wooden doors are always opened; there are no screen doors, just metal grated security doors to bring in the breezes throughout the house. Our windows are always opened, but they are screened. Usually I ask Mikkel to remove the unwanted guests; sometimes I sweep them out. The couple of scorpions have seen their last day; the few geckos are left alone.

Our garden is full of many little creatures, especially spiders. I look up on the coconut trees and discovered an variety of intricate webs with small and not so small spiders waiting for their meals. I have come to appreciate them; just like the geckos, they prey on flies and other insects which keeps the insect population in balance. I still don’t like very close to them, allowing them to run free inside my home, or walking into a web. So occasionally a web in a garden pathway or inside my home must be brought down.

Back here on the front veranda, I have been observing a rather large spider who has strung a fine web from the top of the palms. Every morning it sits there in the sun, swaying in the breeze on its web high in the air. There have been some very strong breezes and gusts, and yet it is still there, waiting to catch the next victim who happen to fly through the almost invisible web. It is funny what fascinates me now that I have retired and I enjoy it. Well off for a spa day at our friend’s home in Los Destiladeros. Mikkel arranged this for me; such a sweet husband.


20140124-202144.jpgWebs & Spiders in the Garden




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