From the Beach to the City to the Mountains

We just got back Tuesday evening from an eventful, but no misadventurous overnight trip to David and Boquette, about a 4-5 hour drive from Pedasi. We have been there a couple of times before; the last time we had a flat tire on the way (see previous blog). This time no tire went flat, thank God, but we did have a tire replaced at the same shop in David where we bought two tires before on the previous trip. This time it was to replace the one that was slashed last month. Mikkel could not find the same brand tire anywhere locally, so that’s why we returned to the same store where they sell Dunlap tires. But it wasn’t the only reason for making this trip.
In addition to shopping at PriceSmart (Costco) and Conroy’s (Target), Mikkel had earlier bought a Mini-Mac computer offered on Don Rey’s blog, “Chriqui Chatter”, last month. It was a bargain price and Mikkel thought I could use a desktop computer to write my blog. But for now I am still writing on my iPad. The Mini-Mac need lots of downloads and upgrades before I can start using it. And with our slower broadband speed, it may take a few days, along with the fact that our internet was down for a few days.

But since we were in David, we visited another blogger friend, Kris and her husband Joel ( We had already met them before when they visited Pedasi. So, in turn, we stopped by their house Monday evening and went out to dinner together. Had a great time catching up. Their lovely home is located in a suburb neighborhood at the end of a street next to a forest and river. Although David is a large city with lots of cars and traffic, and although the city-life isn’t for us, if we were to live in David, that area, and home, would definitely be on our priority list. I can see why Kris didn’t look any further when looking for a home after she saw this one. Another advantage they have living in David besides the variety of stores close by, were the fruit/vegetable stands, one located within a few minutes from their home, opened 7 days a week. The next day we had a chance to visit it and found plenty of fresh vegetables (green beans, romaine lettuce, ginger, sweet carrots, etc.) to bring home. Pedasi does not offer such a variety and abundance, although we do manage to score now and then.

Monday night after dinner, we stayed at a Bed & Breakfast, “Kibutz de Rita”. It is a private home in another nice neighborhood of David. The private room with bath was very nice. They have a variety of monkeys and birds on the property which entertained us while we ate a delicious breakfast on the front patio. After we said our thanks and goodbyes, we joined Kris and Joel again and drove up to Boquete. This time I made sure I wore long pants and brought a light jacket. It is amazing the temperature change from David to Boquete, which is in the mountains and can get a little cold. It was a little misty when we arrived and there was a breeze as well, so I am glad I brought the jacket. In There is a “Tuesday Morning Market”, and Kris also knew that another blogger friend, Holly (“Let the Adventure Begin” on WordPress) would be there. I finally got to meet another blogger in Panama I have been following. She is also from Northern California and just like I expected-very vivacious. We had a great visit and also enjoyed the market which had many tables of a variety of crafts, foods, and specialty items. Mikkel bought some herb plants, chocolate, and coffee beans; I bought “Gruber’s Jungle Oil” and “Rapid Heal Salve”, both first aid for insect bites and other remedies, both of which I have done some previous research on and came highly recommended some other friends. Chitras (sand fleas/no-see-ums) and mosquitos love me, but AVON Skin-So-Soft works well as a repellent. I still get a few bites and my skin starts to itch and swell up almost immediately. So hopefully the Jungle Oil or salve will work

Our trip back home was pretty-much uneventful. It is a nice drive through the countryside and jungles of Panama, but there are some areas with many potholes to try to avoid. It is also hilly and a two-lane highway about half of the trip. And I still feel so blessed to live here in Pedasi. We like visiting other areas, but still love living in a small town near the ocean. Everyone has their own preference; some like the city, some like the mountains; some like the country; some like the beaches. Here you have a choice and can visit most other areas within a half day’s drive. So that’s all for now. We are planning to go to Las Tablas on Saturday for “Deficile de Las Polleras”(Parade of the Las Polleras-Folk Dresses). I will be taking lots of pictures for the next blog.
Birds & Monkeys at the B&B



20140110-220513.jpgTuesday Morning Market in Boquete


20140110-220550.jpgMy Blogger Friends Holly & Kris


9 thoughts on “From the Beach to the City to the Mountains

  1. Helena B. says:

    Thank you for your post; it is interesting to read what interests other expats as far as what city to move to. I know I will have to listen to my heart and not my logical mind when I accelerate my search in the next few years.

  2. oldsalt1942 says:

    It’s so nice to see another blog from expats who DIDN’T fall into the ‘Boquete is the center of the universe’ trap.There are a few of us around, like Kris and Joel who I’ve met a few times.
    I visited Pedasi in one of my several exploratory trips to Panama before finally settling down in the small pueblo of Boqueron, about a dozen miles west of David. I liked Pedasi but, laid back as I am, I probably would have come to a complete stand still there. I love it here in Boqueron. Have been here for 2-1/2 years. The house I’ve been renting is up for sale. I love my neighborhood. I love my neighbors and fortunately I was able to rent another house here in mi barrio, only three doors away from where I am now. Went to Bugaba today to sign the lease and get it notarized. Will start moving stuff in tomorrow.

    BTW, Chitre or Las Tablas would be second on my list of places to settle down in in Panama. Keep blogging.

  3. hollycarter184 says:

    How fun it was to meet you both, finally! I wish we had been able to spend more time together, guess I’ll have to pull Scott away from his project someday for a trip to your neck of the woods! Cheers!

  4. mcmoller says:

    We went to DK Auto on the main highway. Only went there this time because we were replacing a tire for the same brand. Their service is are very quick. PriceSmart sells tires also, just not Dunlop. Bremen’s Tires in Chitre gave us a great & better deal for our other 2 tires we needed later, different brand. There is a Bremen’s in David & Panama City.

  5. John Pazera says:

    Thanks for sharing!For future reference what was the name of the tire store?
    Does Price/Smart sell tires in David?

    Thank you!
    Soon to be Ex pats.
    John & Susan

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