An Early Christmas Present

Haven’t written for awhile; we’ve been busy with moving to our new home, which I hope will be our home for a long time. I did like our little “Casa Verde” and we would have been happy to stay, but the benefits of moving to our new home don’t even compare. I may not like moving, but this one move is worth it. Mikkel and I keep waking up wondering if we are still dreaming. We definitely have been blessed.
Last Tuesday, we were got the keys and started moving some things. The new house is only about 3 blocks away, so it wasn’t a big drive. Took 2 carloads over and put most of it in its place. This was our last night in Casa Verde with most things packed in boxes, so we went out to dinner. The next morning, our friends Wayne, Christine, and Dave came over with their 2 pickup trucks to help us move. So after a few trips back and forth, most everything was over at the new home. Then it started to rain, of course. Since Wayne & Christine had rented Casa Verde to us, their furniture, appliances, linens, dishes, etc. also had to be moved out. So some of it went to their home. Then the next day, we finished moving everything else out; some of those things belonging to Christine and Wayne went to our home to store temporarily since we have the space. They were kind enough to sell us some things we wanted to keep, helping us to make our move and our new home a lot easier to add to what already was provided by our new landlords, Ed and Cindy. They greeted us as we moved in that day, showing us all the little things one needs to know about a new home. I also met our housekeeper, Nellie, who will come once a week and do the heavy cleaning (floors, dusting, and windows). Never in my lifetime did I ever think I would have a housekeeper. We also have a gardener who does the major gardening (tree trimming, etc.), but we are in charge of the everyday upkeep.

Of course, as we seem to be used to by now with all our moves, something always doesn’t work at first. In Casa Verde it was the electrical wiring in the kitchen. So it was no surprise to us when we found that the pump for the hot water system did not work. It was a surprise to Ed and Cindy, since it has worked for the last 5 years until this day. Ed called his electrician Martin who was in Panama City, but would be back the next day to fix it. Since we are used to cold water for most things, we shared that we didn’t mind being without hot water for a few days more. We are just so happy to be in our new home before Christmas.

So one of the first things I did was put the Christmas tree back up with our ornaments. This time outside on the front veranda, which seems to be the Panamanian way, especially if you have a fence around your home. We have a wall and gates. Next I got the kitchen and our bedroom set up, taking a break for dinner in between at our favorite pizza restaurant. But the next day I paid for all my work. A muscle in my upper back tightened up and I dealt with very painful back spasms most of the day. I took ibuprofen and tried to sleep, but the spasms would not go away. Finally, Mikkel went to the local farmacia and bought some muscle relaxer pills recommended by the pharmacist. Here in Panama, unless it’s a narcotic, most medicines can be purchased over the counter from the pharmacist without a doctor prescription. I know this was taking a chance, but when you are in so much pain, you take it, hoping it will work. And it did; one pill and the next morning, no more pain. I took it easy after that, avoiding any lifting or heavy moving, taking lots of breaks as we settled in.

Today we went back to “Casa Verde” to finish cleaning up. I swept and mopped while Mikkel took down the shelves he had built. (He’ll use the wood to build a workbench in his “man cave”.) As I was cleaning, I came across 2 small skinny snakes and a small, clear-colored scorpion. Mikkel swept out the snakes and I killed the scorpion with the broom. I guess we had some unwanted company hiding behind the furniture while living there. But it’s to be expected. Last night I discovered a somewhat larger scorpion scurrying down the hallway and into the office. Mikkel got rid of that one. Such is our life in Pedasí.

So here we are, still in the pueblo, but a even nicer place. This morning I drank coffee sitting on one of the 4 rocking chairs on the front veranda and then ate breakfast at the table in the back patio. Bella seems to have settled in right away. She can now run from the front door to the back, out through the garden, around the veranda to the front, and then lay down for a rest, getting in lots of running when she wants. Again, I didn’t have any intention of moving from Casa Verde; it was our home. But God has now blessed us in abundance with an even better home. We will be doing a lot of outdoor living enjoying the garden filled with many varieties of plants and trees including a mango tree, two coconut palms, and a fan palm. It seems the dry season is finally emerging, a little late this year. With this, the flowers are starting to bloom, especially on the side and front walls of our home. I know I am going to love living here. Christmas has come a little early for us this year.

Christmas Tree on Front Veranda


Mikkel Relaxing in Living room


Formal Dining Room


Kitchen-We have cupboards!


Office big enough for 2 desks


Back Garden


Patio & Gardening Shed


Veranda Wraps around the side


Where we sit for morning coffee


Complete with Carport & Garage (Man-cave behind)


Scene Looking Out from Veranda


Front of House from Road


5 thoughts on “An Early Christmas Present

  1. Lorraine Keeffe says:

    Hi, Connie & MikkelSo great to see your new home! What a surprise for you at this Christmas time….We also wish you God speed as you celebrate the Lord’s birth in Panama. We did miss you during our concerts. I do need to know how to mail something to you. Do you actually have an address? Please let me know.
    Merry Christmas 2013. Lorraine Keeffe

  2. hollycarter184 says:

    Merry Christmas to you both! It’s so good to see that your settling in and feeling more and more at home. Your new place is fabulous and It looks like you’ll be very happy there! Cheers!

  3. Hugo & Cynthia says:

    Hi, we are the couple that stopped an talked to you for a short while on the street about 2 weeks age. You never know, we might be your new neighbors in a year or so. We were down to Panama this time, to try and pick a few towns that we liked, and Pedisa is on that list. We hired Luis in Panama City for a half of a day and he is everything you said he was.
    Enjoy your new home this Christmas a Season.

    Hugo & Cynthia

    Could you send me your email, I have more questions I’d like at ask.

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