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Playa Los Destiladeros is another beautiful beach in the Pedasí area outside of Limón just south of the Pueblo. For some reason, Mikkel and I had never gone there to explore, just heard about it. Last Wednesday we attended a fundraising event, “Tapas at Sunset”, for Animal Advocates of Pedasi/Defensores de los Animales de Pedasi, at Villa Esplendorosa. The name speaks for itself. It was an afternoon of fun and fellowship with others and we raised a lot of money for the program I am involved with that supports the Spay/Neuter clinic and pet care education in the Pedasí district. (As I have written before, although many families throughout Panama have dogs and cats as pets, many allow them to wander and do not take care of them by spaying, neutering, or vaccinating.) The Villa is located on a hill overlooking the ocean, with 5 bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms, indoor & outdoor living areas, home theater, pool, etc. It would be a great place for a family reunion. I have included a few pictures below. My blogger friend Karen also posted a blog with pictures- indacampo.wordpress.com. There was also a raffle for a number of donated prizes and guess who won a day of fishing? Yours truly, although Mikkel will be the one who benefits-he was more than pleased. I wanted the Spa day prize, so I told him he owes me.
During the event, I spoke with another couple who are planning to open a small school (Preschool-Elementary) in Pedasí. They have a year’s lease on a house starting in January, and I have offered to help, especially with the preschool age. Really did not expect use my ECE background when I moved here, but I’m excited to volunteer in anyway. I enjoy working with the children, and this is another possible opportunity and adventure. God continues to amaze me in opening doors when I least expect it. In the meantime, just got word that one of the teachers for the Children’s English classes at the language school is going back to the states for a while, so I will continue to teach there.

Saturday, Mikkel and I attended a workshop on organic gardening here in Pedasí at the Azuero Earth Project center (Proyecto Ecológical Azuero). They offered a lot of great information is starting a garden with free or inexpensive natural, organic products available in the area. Mikkel wants to start a small herb and vegetable garden in our small backyard soon. Another fun project for this “retired” life.

Today is Dia de Santa Catalina, the patron saint of Pedasí. Another November holiday that will probably extend with festivities through the whole week since Thursday is Independence Day from Spain. This morning we walked over the Casa Margarita for breakfast, a local hostal in town. On the way we stopped to watch the local marathon participants running up and down the main road. After breakfast, which was the first time we went out for breakfast in Pedasí since we moved here and “muy rico”, we walked into the center of town and watched, just in time, the toddlers racing their own short marathon. I heard there is going to be a parade later. Now I know this is only my first year living here, but as I have wrote before, life in this quiet small pueblo is never dull, and not so quiet at times.

Villa Esplendorosa-“Tapas at Sunset”






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  1. Hi, Connie & MikkelThanks for keeping us updated…..Just did communion at church…..we were short 2 couples, so we had to do alot….I am tired to say the least. We got to visit with Vicki and Dan Fichtner (from Oregon)
    on Fri. and Sat. They were on their way to Bakersfield for Thanksgiving. Will you be celebrating thanksgiving? We will be going to good friends in Rancho Cordova. By the way, I got to see my daughter on Thurs. and we visited for two hours. I am hoping we are on the way to reconciliation.
    God is at work. I bet your kids miss you, That’s all for now. Lorraine Keeffe

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