Bella y Noche

A week ago we had no electricity for the kitchen, hallway, and the wall outlet in the living room. Thought it was the breaker, but that wasn’t the initial problem, although the breaker box was replaced when it fell off the wall. So Mikkel had to cook dinner and I wash dishes in the dark until Saturday. The electrician finally came and after a few hours he finally discovered that a wire to the under the kitchen floor to the light switch had come apart and shorted out the whole system. This was discovered after a large hole was was knocked out of the concrete block wall. But I would rather have electricity more than a hole in the wall. That can be fixed later. Plus for now I just put a cart in front of it and forget about it.
After the electrician left, Mikkel and I put up a fence and gates in the back yard (actually Mikkel did most of the work). One thing we were told to bring to Panama was his tools, and he did. There is a chicken wired fence with vines growing through it, but had several large holes in it. We knew we were adopting a dog, so we added new fencing across the existing fence and Mikkel built a gate for both sides. So now it is completely enclosed.

Sunday, we finally picked up our new dog, Bella. She was a stray beach dog who was spayed at the recent Spay Clinic and was taken care of by a couple who live in Playa Uverito who have many dogs up for adoption. When we first saw her a few weeks ago, we fell in love with her. And she seem to take to us right away. So we brought her home today. She is such a sweet girl, about a year old, only about 18 inches tall at her shoulder, and weighs about 30 lbs. They say she loves swimming in the ocean and she is a good watchdog as well. Mikkel gave her a bath and she really didn’t complain much. Bella has made herself at home here in “Casa Verde de MCMoller”. Seems to take a liking to her new bed. We also have “Noche”, a black street cat who comes to our back patio and lays on the bench or table. We started feeding her hoping that she stays around to keep the unwanted critters away. She ran away when she saw Bella, but came back later. She still stays an arms distance from us.

So now we have added to our family and getting settled here in the pueblo. Life is good; we count our blessings every day.

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Hole in the Wall


Hole covered up






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