Expect the Unexpected

What I like about living here in Pedasi is that there is never a dull moment. Of course I’m new to all this, but everyday something unexpected happens. Today our landlord Wayne came to fix the breaker that needed to be replaced. When he took it out the whole break box fell apart, which started a chain reaction of smoke up the wires from there to the pole to the next pole about 4 houses down where the whole electrical wire fell apart to the street and on top of a neighbor’s car. The neighbor removed the wire from the pole with a long stick, but it continued to spark on the street. Hence, the “Bomberos” (fire dept.) were called in. And then they called the electric company. It’s Saturday and who knows when they would come. But as I was writing this, low and behold to our surprise, they arrived within the hour. Having the Bomberos call has clout. Wayne had previously called an electrician to replace the breaker box. He showed up about the same time as the electric company, but since he has to wait for the electric company to finish the pole wiring, and he has a soccer game to be at in the afternoon, he promised to come back the next morning at 7am. Obviously we have no electricity until all is fixed. Hopefully tomorrow we will have power. Wayne & Christine offered to let us stay in their apartment next to their home, which is vacant for about 3 weeks, so we will be staying there tonight.
Another test of patience, but this time I think I passed. I am not stressed nor frustrated, unlike what I would have been in the past. All things work out. I am learning to expect the unexpected. “Consider it all joy, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance….”

Pedasi Bomberos & Electric Company





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  1. indacampo says:

    Oh, so you’re the cause of our “blip” this morning. Just glad to hear that no one got hurt. And I hope Wayne is not feeling stressed or frustrated either…although I have my doubts. 🙂

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