Enjoying the Small Things

I haven’t written anything for about a week now. We have been enjoying the leisurely time at the B&B where we are house & dog sitting at (La Rosa de Los Vientos), waking up to the sound of the surf nearby and the many birds singing in the trees. Our recent days have started off just enjoying the beauty of the sunrise over the ocean (the clouds were pink one morning) while sitting in the back patio sipping coffee and reading email including other blogs of those living in Panama. We take walks with the dog (Lulu) down to Playa Toro and again are amazed how the beach landscape changes overnight. Last Thursday there was an exceptional heavy rain (spoke with others who have lived in Panama for awhile about that and they agreed). The 3-4 foot sand bank that was created before by the high tide was now washed away. In its place was a ridge of jagged rock that we had no idea was there under the sand where we used to walk. Later we went to Playa Arenal and found that the rain and waves had eroded the bank where we used to walk down to the beach. We now have to walk down elsewhere now to get to the sand due to the high drop created by the erosion. Again, things continue to change around here, definitely not boring.
Last Friday we were invited to an Expat BBQ at Playa Uverito outside Las Tablas by a couple we met at the spay clinic we had volunteered for. Had a great time meeting new people and seeing others we had previously met. The home was right on the beach and the food was great. The host couple rescue dogs and try to find homes for them. That day they had 15 dogs, and Mikkel and I fell in love with one in particular sweet dog. We decided to adopt her and call her Bella. But first we have to fix the fence in our back yard of our new house and we need to take one more trip to Panamá Oct.16th-17th. Then we will bring her home. She looks like a miniature black lab with a white stripe from the front of her neck to her chest. I’ll will post pictures when we get her in a couple of weeks.

Since Tuesday, we have also been spending some time getting our house ready to move into. Our friend Lee and another couple helped Mikkel move most of our things that had been stored from our crate in our apartment to our house. We finally got everything out by Thursday and handed over the key. In the meantime, although we were able to enter the house on Tuesday and Wednesday morning, by that afternoon, for some reason, the key no longer would unlock the front door. The dead bolt was rusted and would not move to allow the door to open. Our landlords came over and also could not unlock the door. So the next morning, our landlord Wayne and Mikkel spent 4 hours repairing the front door lock. It became a series of comical errors and frustrations. First they spent a good portion of that time just taking out the pins in the hinges and prying the door out. Then they replaced the lock, realizing afterwards that there are different locks for right and left side doors and they had the wrong one. So after returning from the local hardware store with the right lock, they still had to cut some things down, make a bigger hole in the door, and it still wouldn’t work. Then a spring popped out and they weren’t sure where it was to go. Wayne finally called some local men to come over to help them fix it and make it work. Nothing is ever simple here. But now it works, and we have been spending a few hours each day unpacking and setting up things, as well as making a wish list of things of things we “need”. Although the house is furnished, I am glad we brought our own pots and pans and dishes among many other things that will make it our home. I have been cleaning and sweeping inside and behind cupboards. I moved one tall storage cabinet to sweep behind and was welcomed by a small but very much alive scorpion. Our landlord killed it with a hammer. Now I have experienced a snake and a scorpion. I would like to believe that’s all, but it’s Panamá. We are still not completely in our home yet, that is to say, we haven’t slept there yet since we are staying at the B&B until this Wednesday morning when the owners of the B&B return from Europe, but the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and master bedroom will be set up enough to live in. Just lots of things to unpack, most of which is stored in the 2nd bedroom for now. Mikkel has been a real great help with getting our house in order; its made the stress of moving almost non-existent. Perhaps it is also the fact that I don’t have a job to go to while moving as in past moves in the states, so I am not pressured to get things unpacked and I have more time. Oh how I like this feeling of “tranquilo”.

There is much better internet at the B&B then at our Tortuga apartment. So we have been taking advantage of emailing, FaceTime, Skype, and using the Magic Jack phone to call our family back in the states. We are so blessed to have this kind of technology to contact others. We are going to talk to the B&B owners about who they get their internet from. Although it may be costly, we may have to bite the bullet and see if we can get similar service at our house. It is important to us and some of our family to be in contact on a regular basis. We do get mail and packages from Mailbox, Etc. in Las Tablas with no problems, but being able to see and talk to our family and friends certainly helps to diminish the absence from each other. In the meantime, we have a hotspot internet device and data for my iPhone. Thank God for the small things that we once took for granted.

Well, I think I will take advantage of the washer and dryer here at the B&B. I only have a washer at our house, so I will have to get used to hanging clothes out to dry. There is a space in our back patio for that so the clothes will be protected from the rain. And the clothes smell so good this way. Another small change in my life, but I don’t seem to mind these changes. Moving to Pedasí has been such a satisfying adventure that small changes are just part of our everyday experiences. I know I am new to all this still, but I hope I can continue to experience this joy for years to come.

Expat BBQ


20131007-092730.jpg<br /

Friends’ home overlooks Playa Uverito

20131007-092817.jpg<br /

A couple of “Yellow-headed Caracaras” greet us with their whistling screech “khyeeeeer” in the morning at the B&B

20131007-092845.jpg<br /

Some days the ocean is so blue!


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  1. indacampo says:

    LOL! How is Jane managing to balance that plate of food without her feet touching the ground? Must ask her when next I see her!
    Lovely pics Connie. I’m looking forward to reading your stories once you move into your new home. 🙂

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