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I am sitting inside watching the downpour of rain this afternoon. This is the first time since we moved to Pedasí that there has been a little chill in the air, so much that I came inside to warm up a little although I still am wearing a sundress. I started thinking back to when I was a child. I lived in one house in Southern California until I married at 19 years old and moved to Northern California with my husband (ex husband now) to attend college. From then on I moved 19 times in the next 19 years for many reasons, back and forth between Southern and Northern California where I finally lived in a house for 7 years until I got a divorce. Then it was another 6 moves in the next 10 years, again between Southern and Northern California until I married Mikkel and bought our condo in Auburn, 35 miles northeast of Sacramento in the Sierra foothills in Northern California. I was sure that’s where we would live for many more years. I hated moving; all the packing and unpacking, the planning, the preparation, and the stress. There was some excitement setting up a new home each time, but I was tired of it. Mikkel had moved many times as well before we were married in 2009. We enjoyed our home, living in Auburn, our church, our friends, and our family. But apparently God had other plans.
We both loved the ocean, but it was a 2-3 hour drive to the nearest beach, and the water was cold. We settled on lakes and rivers, but as beautiful as they are, we liked the ocean more. We started thinking about retiring soon, but knew we would never afford living near a California beach. So the option of possibly moving out of the country came to us, and after much preparation and prayer; well, you know the story or you can read my earlier postings of how we came to move to Pedasí, Panama. The biggest move I ever made. Not only did I ever live outside of California, but now I live outside the United States. But this wasn’t to be the last move. The original plan included 3 moves: 1 week in a Panama City studio apartment; 7 weeks in a one-bedroom apartment in Pedasí temporarily while waiting to move again to a two-bedroom home in town that would become available as of October 1st. Well, we’ve added another move before permanently moving into that house. I believe I already wrote in a previous blog that a couple from Colorado who were house & dog sitting for the owners of a B&B in Pedasí needed to go home early because of the recent flooding around their home. So we offered to take their place and are now staying at Rosa de Los Vientos B&B, a 4-bedroom, 4 1/2 bath home with an ocean view which is about 1/4 mile away from Playa Toro, taking care of the property and their sweet dog, Lulu (see Quite a change from where we were before, and we will be here until Oct. 9th. Then we will finally (hopefully) move one more time into our house and have agreed to stay for a year. The house will be available for us to store our things in the 2nd bedroom while I landlord paints and cleans the house to get ready for us.

So we moved 2 suitcases full of clothes and personal items, and some household items and food to the B&B, which we will move again into the house when the owners come home from Switzerland. We have never personally met them, only talked to them on the phone, assuring them that all is well with Lulu and the B&B. The rest of our things will be moved to the house within the next couple of days, with the help of our friend Lee in Santo Domingo and some of his friends from the UK who are planning to move to Pedasí next year. It is amazing the people we have met in the 8 weeks we have been in Panama from all over the world. This move wasn’t planned and not as stressful as other moves, perhaps because it is so beautiful out here sitting on the back porch listening to the many birds in the trees, watching the ships sail by, and listening to the waves crashing on the beach. I still hate moving and I still am a little anxious to get into our house and get some normalcy in our lives. Oh, I forgot; I am living in Panama where every day is an adventure.

As an added note, the rain stopped for a little while. So we took Lulu for a walk down to the beach; the neighbors Golden Retriever, Corky, joined us. On the way, we couldn’t help notice how the force of water and wind can change things. There was a small lake out in a field that wasn’t there yesterday with a rushing stream coming from it that had carved its way to a water passage under the road. Then when we got to the beach, where people used to sit under a makeshift shelter and watch their children play in a pool of water that trickled down to the ocean, was now a rushing stream coming through the shelter from the jungle. It had carved a 4-5 foot high bank through the sand to the ocean that used to be flat and where we walked down towards where the beach seems to bend around to the left toward Playa Arenal. The stream was wide and so rapid, we did not venture to cross it. This is one of many things that makes this move truly a blessing. We may move again in a year, or not, but I can’t help to think that if we had not moved to Panama, to Pedasi, to this B&B, we would have missed out on this exciting “third life”.

Large tree & swing in yard outside patio of B&B

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Oceanview from bedroom


3 thoughts on “Moving again!

  1. mcmoller says:

    Read an older post “The Crate” dated Sept. 11th, but yes we did, and now most everything is moved into our house. Will finish tomorrow and then will deal with the task of unpacking and making it our home. The house is just what I expected, although the living room was smaller than what Mikkel expected, but he’s okay with it because the bedrooms are large. The rent was lowered so that we will now pay for the utilities and can control the costs. Already discovered a scorpion while sweeping behind a cabinet, but easily killed with a hammer by our landlord who was trying to fix the lock to our front door. Everyone is so friendly, and meeting lots of people from all over the world. You can continue to prayer for the sell of our condo. The first buyer pulled out 3 days before the bank approved the offer; the 2nd buyer’s offer was rejected by the bank (way too low), but the 3rd buyer made an offer for the amount that was originally accepted by the bank. Mike Robinson is keeping on top of it. So just waiting. It’s all in God’s hands. Hope all goes well with Mike’s new job. Miss you all.Connie

  2. Lorraine Keeffe says:

    Hi, Connie and MikkelIt was great to read your last blog and to find out you are not quite settled. You sound happy and seem to be able to go with the flow….that’s good. Did you ever get your shipment crate? I guess you would be asking for prayer if it was lost. Anyway, Mike starts work on Oct. 7th. with the Post Office.
    Driving a truck. We will see how it goes…..Love, Lorraine Keeffe

  3. John Smyth says:

    Connie & Mikkel,Glad to hear you both are settling into you new life. Thanks for sharing you everyday experiences!
    John, Ronda, Sarah, & Jeffrey

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