Birthday Blessings

It’s been 8 weeks since we came to Panama, 7 weeks in Pedasí. Minus the total of 8 days we stayed at hotels at Playa Barqueta (Las Olas), Panamá, and Gamboa, we have lived in this less than 350 square foot furnished apartment just outside of town. I am a little surprised I have lasted this long without going a little stir-crazy. But then again, some would say I am already a little crazy to sell most everything and move to a foreign country. Maybe I am, but I am not regretting any of it. It’s amazing that we are here and every day is an adventure. We have lived without TV, hot water except in the shower (which is only lukewarm), sometimes no electricity or water or telephone or internet, bugs & a snake, humidity, and who knows what’s to come. But we have endured and the time now seems to have gone by pretty fast. And Mikkel and I haven’t even come close to killing each other; I think we have drawn closer, although I occasionally still get on his nerves since I still have an “A” personality who looks for order and answers, and Mikkel is a “B” personality who kicks back and gets things done in his time (that personality probably works better here in Panama with a “mañana” attitude). This whole new life has helped us appreciate each other more.
Today is my birthday. I am officially early retirement age (62). Social Security will be coming soon. We call it our “Third Life”, but the key word is “Life”. Looking back I have faced many challenges and accomplishments, the good and the not so great. I have visited many places in the US and a few other countries. But life is not over; I’m not just standing still; it’s just different and I thank God I have Mikkel to share it with, both the adventures and more challenges. I am not dying any sooner than what God has designated for me. I am living a dream that many would not even think to dream nor have the opportunity, a dream 4 years ago I never knew could even happened for me when or if I retired. And yet here I am and I am so grateful and blessed. On this birthday, I may not have much in the way of material things now, but I am not in any need or want. Being here with a loving husband and meeting new people, seeing new places, volunteering, having a “tranquilo” state of mind – is the best birthday present. Not to say that some past birthdays haven’t been fun (Disneyland -60 yrs., Universal Studios -50 yrs., etc.). I do miss my children, grandchildren, family, and friends back in the states. But I do believe we are following God’s will for now, and I will see them again some day. Thank God for Skype, FaceTime, email, & MagicJack.

I think I’m starting to ramble, so “Feliz Cupleaños” to me! I am learning to appreciate and celebrate this third life each and every day. That’s the blessing this birthday.


7 thoughts on “Birthday Blessings

  1. John Smyth says:

    Connie,Are you sure your not only 29??
    Seems you both are enjoying living down there.
    Did Mikkel cut his hair??
    John Smyth

  2. John Calia says:

    Thanks for your post. I got here by connecting with your husband on LinkedIn. I am interested on your story because I have a bucket list with seven countries in which I’d like to live before I die. None of them are tropical however. Nevertheless I want to keep up with your adventures. We take so much for advantage in the US.

  3. William Fundora says:

    Great writing ,touched my heart at 51 .I can relate to your story I see myself getting older and am loking forward to a move to Panama at least in a part time way within the next 5 years.The blessings of having a loving spouse keeps us focused and grateful as we get older we depend more on each other and the love makes the the bumps and bruises of life easier.Thanks.

  4. 6justmyopinion says:

    Happy Birthday, Connie. May you have had a lovely day. I know I could not do what you have done. You have always been brave. Congrats on your Social Security. Yes, I received my first check Wed. How did we get here? I I remember when we were 30′! Much love, Barb.

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