Today was a day with nothing planned. Some days are like that and I am beginning to welcome them. After the 6-day trip to Panama, we went and visited our friends who are house/dog sitting at the B&B. We walked along Playa Toro with the dog and were amazed at the unusual high surf with several local children surfing in the water where there are usually rocks. I found out later that during the full moon cycle in the wet season, high tides and surf is common, but not during any other time in the year. The next day after I taught the children’s English class, we gave them the 5-cent tour of Pedasi and then went out to dinner.
So, today although it started out sunny, the sky soon turned grey and the rain started again. It remained overcast all day although still warm, always warm, a good day to just sit around. I needed a little rest, recharging the mind and soul. I am still trying to get used to this retirement attitude where I don’t have to report to anyone and I can do what I want, when I want, or not. When I think about it, I never thought I would be able to retire, let alone move to a beautiful tropical foreign country to retire. I have been blessed. So I caught up with email and Facebook, and then just did a lot of reading. And sometimes I would just sit back and meditate. I didn’t go on a walk into town or to the beach. I just had a quiet, peaceful, day. This day was a Psalm 23:2-3 day. I used to feel guilty if I wasn’t busy doing something, working, going somewhere. Now I am grateful for days like today and look forward to more, not to say I don’t enjoy the busy days as well; and those days will be coming again soon. But for now, I will just enjoy “tranquillo”.


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Green pastures

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Besides still waters-River near Pedasi


Restoring my soul


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