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Yesterday, Sunday, we enjoyed the blessed opportunity to meet new friends, Lee & India, who live in Santo Domingo, on the way to Las Tablas. Mikkel had first been contacted by Lee through his inquiry to a US VA mtg. in Panama City. Then India contacted me through this blog as a fellow believer and invited us to get together. It was fun to share experiences and information about living here in the Azuero Peninsula. We will definitely be seeing each other again. We are so grateful to God bringing them into our lives since we have left so many of our friends behind in the states. We need to fellowship with others, and I believe it is one of the reasons we moved here was to reach out to the expats as well as the Panamanians, being friends and helping when needed.
So 3 hours later, we came home, ate some lunch, and then off to the beach for a relaxing swim and walk along the shoreline. Every time we come to the beach, we try to walk a little further. It’s a long beach, and our goal is to get to the point where it seems to turn to the right. But that point is a lot further than what we thought, at least for now. We try to walk some every day, whether on the beach or to and around town and back, depending on the weather. Mikkel says he already sees a change in my figure; I’m not sure if he is just being nice, but it is encouraging. I do know we are eating less than we did in the states, and what we do eat is more fresh fruits and vegetables. And they are so much more tastier. Today we made smoothies for lunch made of fresh pineapple, mango, and banana with the blender we brought in our suitcase- “muy rico”.

In mentioning the blender as one of the few things we brought other than our laptops, cameras, and clothes, most of our things (kitchen items, tools, photos, music, etc.) are in a crate to be shipped to Panama. I have heard some stories about some people shipping their belongings overseas and never seeing them again, or some things missing when they do receive the shipment. I hope that won’t be the case with us. For right now our crate is being held up due to some customs regulations that we were not made aware of until after we shipped the crate. Our local attorney is trying to resolve the situation. So I am just asking for God’s intervention since there is nothing I can do at this time but pray we will eventually receive our belongings. I hate to lose it all since I have already given up a lot of things to move here. But it won’t be the end of the world; we have each other and plenty compared to so many others.

The other issue I have had to let go of is the sale of our condo back in Auburn, CA. We had to short sale, which is common right now in the US. That in itself was a little difficult for me, and the bank just continues to give you the runaround. Anyway, we had a buyer in June who seemed more than willing to wait out for the bank’s approval of her cash offer. We were confident that eventually it would be approved, even if we were in Panama. I had submitted all the required documents, and our realtor was diligent in keeping us abreast of the progress. Last week we got word from the bank that they were submitting a recommendation to the investor to approve the short sale. Two days later, the buyer pulled out. Not sure why this is happening. Again, just have to rely on God to resolve this even if it goes into foreclosure. If we were still in Auburn, I would be stressing out about having no job, not enough money, no house, etc. But here I am in Pedasi and even though I must admit I had a little 5-minute meltdown (still human), I have learned in the past year how to give things over, things and people who I have no control over. Oh well, I count my blessings; we have a roof over our heads, good food to eat, good friends both here and in the U.S., and a beautiful place to spend our life together. I will let you know how things turn out about the condo and the crate as the issues get resolved.




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  1. Lorraine Keeffe says:

    Hi, Connie & Mikkel…… was great to hear from you. Our first rehearsal went well. Lots of new faces, especially men….they sound good already. I did try for a small group and we will see what happens. Driving to and from the rehearsal, I felt so alone…..not the same as the last three years.I will be car pooling….not sure who yet…..Jeanette Albrecht joined, so it might be her….I just know I won’t be walking on that lonely path in the dark! Ha! Mike is at an interview as we speak….I sure hope this is what God has for him. We had a Women’s Bible study meeting for leaders this morning. Beth will be taking your place as my co-leader. I am hoping you will get to start a study when you get moved and in your new place. We miss you. Love, Lorraine

  2. mcmoller says:

    Hi Lorraine,We will be staying at the Tortuga Apartment until October 1st when we are scheduled to move into our more permanent 2-bdr. home across town. Praying for a job for Mike. Have fun teaching the kids. How was Placer Pops rehearsal? Miss you guys.

  3. Lorraine Keeffe says:

    Hi, Connie and Mikkel………Hope you are both adjusting and trying to get used to your new environment and people. Will also pray that your condo comes about and your crate gets to you.How long can you stay where you are? The food sounds good and healthy. You are missed! Mike is still job hunting and hanging in there waiting. I started tutoring the Griffin kids in writing today. Caleb and Abigail. It will be fun. Love to you, Lorraine Keeffe

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