Social Media in the Pueblo

The use of social media has definitely increased in Pedasí. 5 years ago we basically had Facebook with “The Pedasí Post” as our main source of news and communication about Pedasí. If you wanted to know something that was happening, to sale or buy something, or some general information that was in English, this was READ MORE

Pedasi Beaches (Reposted from 2/25/2015)

Last Saturday I enjoyed a wonderful day at the beaches in Los Destiladeros with two of my blogger friends. Posted on February 25, 2015 by Kris Cunningham The Panama Adventure The southern part of the Azuero Peninsula of Panama is known for the beautiful beaches. Since I was down there visiting my good friend and READ MORE

Migrating to a New Host is a Nightmare!

  I will make this explanation short.  Mikkel decided to change hosting servers for our websites. The renewal for our former host was coming up and was going to cost over $250 for the year. Mikkel found and paid for which only costs about $50 forever, no annual fees. Problem is, I was not READ MORE