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Retired teacher living with husband Mikkel in Pedasi, Panama, enjoying the beauty and adventure of my “Third Life”. In 2010, we started thinking about retirement and where we would live. After much research, we made two visits to Panama, February/2012 & January/2013. Moved from California in August, 2013. Between my husband and I, we have 5 adult children and 7 grandchildren, along with 3 sisters and a brother and their families, all who live back in the US. We love them very much, but they are all living their own lives now. So since we are retired and love the ocean, we were afforded the opportunity to live a “tranquilo” life in a tropical paradise. We love traveling and I enjoy writing about my travels and experiences, challenges, and adventures.

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  1. cherieguy

    Congratulations for living out your dream and doing God’s work at the same time. I can wait to hear more about your journey. Take care.

  2. Guy Mendenhall

    Mikkel & Connie – Good for you. You are very unique . Very few people I know would step out and re-invent themselves as you have. Following your blog will be exciting!
    – Susie & I are taking a step along those lines too, in moving to ME. But, that’ not quite as big a step as Panama.
    Best wishes for a highly successful transition!

  3. Diana

    We are thinking about moving to Panama to start our new life as retirees. This will be our first trip and have Pedasi on our list of contenders. We will be there the middle of February for 2 weeks. We would love to meet with you and have lunch or something. We are also from Northern CA.

  4. simone2013xy


    I just found your blog and wanted to invite you to provide a guest post on our retirement site Retirement And Good Living about moving to and retiring in Panama.

    Earlier this year we launched our retirement site at http://retirementandgoodliving.com that provides information on a variety of topics including retirement locations, finances, health, travel, hobbies, volunteering, part time work and much more to boomers, recent retirees and others thinking about or planning for retirement.

    Currently the blog section of our site is comprised entirely of posts by guests on a variety of topics. To date over 100 guests from around the globe provided posts to our blog.


    Simone Harrison

  5. Wallace

    Hi McMoller,
    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. I’m about to retire and am thinking about living in Panama. I will be visiting Panama for three weeks in Sept and October. I would love to visit with you all face to face. Perhaps I could buy you and Mikkel dinner and we could chat for a little while.

  6. Emma Creese

    Hi Connie & Mikkel,

    I work for the website ExpatFocus.com and recently included your blog in an article I wrote recommending expat blogs for our readers moving to or living in Panama (the article is online at http://www.expatfocus.com/c/aid=3332/articles/panama/panama—recommended-blogs/).

    In addition to letting you know about the above I also thought you might be interested in completing one of our short “expat experience” interviews (by email) for publication at the site (previous examples can be found at http://www.expatfocus.com/expat-experiences-latest). These are a great way of introducing yourself to our membership and in addition to promoting them via the usual social media channels of Twitter, Facebook etc. we also include them in our monthly email newsletter. If the above sounds of interest please let me know and I’ll be very happy to send the questions through.

    Kind regards,


    Emma Creese
    Expat Focus
    E-mail: emma.creese@expatfocus.com
    Web: http://www.expatfocus.com
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/ExpatFocus
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/expatfocus
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